Executive Brand Director

“Go after your dream and believe you can achieve it!”

Sometimes, all is takes to get connected with one’s goal in life is a disconnection; where loss is a gain in disguise. Learning this lesson the hard way, Kai Yu was glad she found a way to link all her different passions together through a single platform that empowers her to live the life that she wants. Here’s how it all began…


Married with two children, Kai Yu is a caring and devoted mother. But also a slave to her a job as the director of a construction company. “The construction industry is a very busy one with hefty consequences if things are not done well, so I have to be on top of developments 24/7. I can start my day at 7:30am in the office and end past 10pm on most days and often, in the middle of the night, I get phone calls to settle disputes between workers because they are drunk or disagreements,” Kai Yu recounted. The demands of her job leeched her health and time with her children leading to gastric discomforts, pain in her feet and high body fat.


“Health issues aside, the most devastating for me was losing that connection with my children. They used to sleep with me but due to the increasing distance between us, one day, they just didn’t want my company anymore,” Kai Yu shared the true pain that woke her from reality, and start dreaming. Her dream to have more quality time with her family compelled her to pick up mani-pedi skills with the hopes of eventually running a home-based service. However, under the encouragement of her husband, she decided to explore the Nu Skin business opportunity instead.


Beginning as a product user in late 2012 before going into the business full-time a few months later, the inexperienced network marketer faced various challenges – from beefing up on product knowledge to learning how to build the business to handling rejections to improving herself. “To succeed in Nu Skin, it is very important to set goals, stay focused, have accountability and accept no compromise during the process of realising them. The business has transformed me and also reinstated my close relationship with my children.”


Her successful transition from constructing buildings to building people is the result of personal resilience and help from many. Kai Yu is very grateful to her husband for showing her the potential of Nu Skin, her mother-in-law for taking great care of her children while she fought to build the business, and her parents for being her cheerleaders. She would also like to thank Executive Brand DirectorPang Tong Hee for introducing the products that improved their health, and Circle Of Excellence I Derrick Tia & Fran Ng for their guidance and patience.


As Kai Yu aspires towards her next milestone in Nu Skin, she hopes to help more people get connected to the best of their ability to lead the kind of life they want!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.