Shelley Toh & Ong Hooi Hai


Executive Brand Director

“The journey to success is never crossed alone.”

Shelley and Hooi Hai’s first encounter with Nu Skin started in 2010 when Shelley was recommended TRA to manage her weight. The result she experienced was phenomenal and attracted the attention of her social network who asked for the secret to her weight loss. Without seriously considering pursuing Nu Skin as a business but more of product sharing in the hope of helping the people around her achieve their weight goals, Shelley treated Nu Skin as a part-time interest and only took on referral cases.


But in 2014, the former Senior Planning Manager with a multi-national corporation who had been in the semi-conductor industry for 22 years decided to make a complete career turnabout and went full-time into the Nu Skin business when she felt the income multiplication effect of the business. From the very first day that she went full-time, her uplines encouraged her to achieve the Blue Diamond pin title. “In the beginning, I didn’t feel much drive to become Blue Diamond. The qualification criteria seem impossible for me. However, when my uplines highlighted that attaining Blue Diamond is not an achievement for myself, but as a motivation for the team, I changed my mind and fought to reach the title,” Shelley disclosed.


“When you are just after personal achievement, you tend to settle into a comfortable zone. But when you do it for the betterment of others, a greater good than yourself, the motivation is much stronger and enduring,” the affable leader shared after reflecting on her Blue Diamond qualification process. The first time Shelley attempted for the pin title, she fell short. While she felt a tinge of disappointment, she pulled herself together and tried again. And she achieved it the second time around.


“Many people said that qualifying for Blue Diamond is very scary. I used to think that too but having gone through the process, twice, it is really not. You must find your push factor to motivate you and it is usually in the people you love and the people you hope to inspire through leading by example,” Shelley shared. Above and beyond pin recognition, the once quick-tempered Shelley also learnt patience and how to really listen to what people want, ask questions and giving them what they need instead of what she thinks they need.


The journey to success can be tough and challenging but it can also be one that brings out the best in you as well as the people around you. Shelley and Hooi Hai would like to specially thank Million Dollar Circle Members Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee for their constant guidance along the way; and all their business partners for their support. Their achievement has set them on a road to create more success stories for others along the way!