Ron Ng & Eve Quek

Ron Ng & Eve Quek

"Your greatness Is not what you have, it's what you give."

Ron Ng & Eve Quek

When it comes to gift-giving, Eve and Ron didn’t need to wait till periods of festivals or special occasions. To them, giving a present is a daily affair. And Nu Skin is the gift; one which they readily give.


“We feel like Santa Claus every day,” Eve said jokingly, a twinkle in her voice. “Through Nu Skin, we are giving a gift of health, beauty and a means to achieve financial freedom. Furthermore, a legacy that has been built in the business can be passed down to future generations. We cannot do that with traditional businesses or careers but with Nu Skin, we are empowered to change lives and help people achieve what’s truly meaningful to them. We have experienced tremendous positive changes in our lives since using Nu Skin products and taking on the business opportunity and are now advocates of being a Force For Good!”


However, they have not always felt Nu Skin is something they wanted to put their names in. Prior to Nu Skin, the couple was carving out promising careers in the financial industry – Eve excelled as a Customer Services Manager in priority banking while Ron was a highly valued Sales Manager. “We were very resistant to the concept of multi-level marketing. Our perception of the industry was that it is a scam proliferated by unprofessional and unethical salespeople,” disclosed Ron. But health issues prompted Ron to search for solutions, which led him to Nu Skin.


Weighing in at 100kg, Ron was plagued with health problems associated with obesity. Out of need, he decided to try Nu Skin’s TR90 Weight Management programme and lost weight, going from size XL to M. His health condition and appearance improved dramatically, drawing curious interest from the people around him. Eve also experienced visible physical improvements after using Nu Skin products post-pregnancy. “We started sharing about the products with people around us, not in terms of building a business, but simply to offer possible solutions to help someone,” Eve recounted how it all began with their Nu Skin journey.


With a sincerity in sharing, the couple quickly gained a following, prompting them to examine the Nu Skin business opportunity more closely. “After doing extensive research, we finally appreciated the power of this business to unlock flexibility in life and decided to go into it wholeheartedly,” shared Ron. In January 2014, both of them decided to go full time into Nu Skin and never looked back since.


For their Blue Diamond recognition, the husband-and-wife team is very grateful to Million Dollar Circle members, Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee, for their mentorship and guidance as well as all their uplines and business partners for their support and friendship. Achieving this pin title is a significant milestone along their Nu Skin journey but the couple prefers to focus on counting the gifts they have given out and the lives they have helped improve through the professional and ethical conduct of their Nu Skin business.