Executive Brand Director

“For success to come in Nu Skin,
you have to let go of your ego.”

Unhealthy, quick tempered, egoistic and distant... Tong Hee spared no mercy in describing what he used to be before the Nu Skin business transformed him. Today, he is a patient provider, a doting father whom his daughters share secrets with, and someone who places the interest of others ahead of his own. “He is more sensitive and caring and radiates this sense of unconditional gratefulness in everything he encounters. I like the new him,” shared Fong Luan. Inspired by the changes in her husband, she underwent a metamorphosis herself and has become a much happier person. But can a leopard really change its spots? The leaders said yes. By moving from one spot to another spot.


The previous spot Tong Hee was in was highly pressurised and stressful. A former project manager in the power generation industry for 15 years, not only did his health suffer, so did his family too due to his constant irritability and volcanic temperament. This deeply affected Fong Luan, who after 30 years in the accounting industry, was seeking to turn things around. But she had no idea how until Nu Skin was introduced to them.


Joining Nu Skin was a tough decision for both, especially Tong Hee. “I detested direct selling and wouldn’t touch the business or products even if you were to put a gun to my head back then,” confessed the straight-talking realist. “Because of my ego, I refused to try the company’s slimming products when I first heard about them in 2011. To me, slimming products are for women. For a man, I have to achieve it through exercise. My health however did not improve after a couple of months of exercise and the doctor said a stroke was impending. As a last resort, I gave in and tried the products. To my amazement, my health rebounded within three months and I could discontinue my medications. Since then, I started introducing the products to people around me.”


Other than better health, life at home also improved tremendously and Tong Hee even managed to patch things up with his estranged father before the latter passed on. “For personal transformation and growth to happen, you have to put down your ego and be coachable,” Tong Hee advised. In terms of building a successful network, Fong Luan felt that their Blue Diamond achievement was made possible because “of a sincerity to help others, working with our upline and team to build depth, and not giving up.” An animal lover, Fong Luan hopes to play a bigger part in financing and helping out at shelters for strays.


The couple has Million Dollar Circle members Derrick Thia & Frann Ng to thank for the introduction into Nu Skin. They are also very grateful to all uplines and business partners for their support and teamwork. Having experienced Nu Skin’s incredible power in transforming their health, finances and outlook in life, the leaders are now more determined than ever to help others unleash their better selves and achieve success in this business!