Executive Brand Director

"Success never comes around to look for you while you wait around. You have got to get up and work at it to makes your dreams come true! Taking Nu Skin opportunity was the best decision ever in my life."

Samantha had felt trapped by a dream job. It was like there was an invisible barrier that prevented her from reaching her financial and time freedom goals, no matter how hard she worked, she felt that something was stealing the happiness from her life.


Growing in a humble home, her parents were tailors, they always taught Samantha that she must work hard as a student so that good education would get her a good career and good salary. With Distinction in Master of Law from John Moores Liverpool University, UK, Samantha could secure her dream job in the UK upon graduation.  However, this dream job has gone in 2009 economic crises where Samantha couldn't extend her work permit. She then quickly get a job in the top 10 largest legal firm in Singapore. A stressful working environment has transformed Samantha to have overweight problem.


Everything starts from a believe - that's how Samantha get to start her journey in Nu Skin. A belief began when she trusted her good friend Blue Diamond Chew Soon Chen, who introduced her "all of the good and none of the bad" and also "provided by nature proven by science" Nu Skin products. Back then, Samantha had been trying to lose weight for 10 long years without success. It's important to believe that the products are good and to believe that you will be having good result from the products.

Even though products are good it doesn't mean that Samantha has to do Nu Skin business. At first, Samantha was skeptical about multi level marketing ("MLM") business as she never see her network of people who ever succeed in this industry before, also for her, MLM is merely doing sales because her father's friends in MLM industry kept switching company every few years, she really cannot sense the security and stability in MLM industry until she saw the transformation her friend had, to have freedom, and able to spend time with his love one, have an extraordinary lifestyle that Samantha's always looking for, she soon was convinced to attend Nu Skin event with her friend.


Samantha was stunt with one question that shared by 10 MDC Mr Chua in one of the Nu Skin Convention, "if you continue doing what you do for the next 3 to 5 years, are you able to have more time for your family? Samantha's answer was a big No! After the event, Samantha began her own research on the Nu Skin Opportunity and even checked the company’s financial background where her expertise at, as a legal advisor in Business and Commercial Law. The results? She discovered that the ageLOC technology is an advance science that can help to unlock youth, to live younger and longer and the opportunity that it carries can help others to transform their lives as well to enjoy time and financial freedom. Seeing Nu Skin from a new perspective, Samantha urges herself to hold on to this opportunity.



Reaching Blue Diamond recently, Samantha says that Nu Skin business is not just a platform for money, it's a place helping people to have a good quality of life in terms of health and also an extraordinary lifestyle. Samantha says further, Nu Skin it's also a platform where you can fulfill your dreams. We only Live for Once, don't we! "Life must be exciting, Life must be glorious, Life must be lived to the fullest"


Started this business on her own, Samantha was not supported by her husband William, and parents, Tony Ng and Pang Geat Lee in the early days. They disagree because Samantha’s has high qualification, a good career, also, her parents had spent a lot to let her study overseas. They were shocked with Samantha's decision of quitting her full time job to pursue Nu Skin international business. Without any support from the team, Samantha persisted to work hard in Nu Skin. “Challenges & Failures won’t stop me. One has to be willing to accept failures and overcome challenges that came along with success. What keeps me going is the dream of giving my family quality of life and of achieving my aspirations to be a singer, and this business has given me the time freedom and the financial flexibility to do both,” says Samantha

However, Tony and William had attended Nu Skin Convention in 2012 and 2013 respectively and it was then they came to understand the opportunity, which then lead them to support Samantha fully. Now, they all work together as a team and share the benefits from this business.


Samantha and would like to take this opportunity to thanks to Nu Skin for giving them 5 stars luxury trips to travel around the world together and also the freedom to spend time with her family. Also, Samantha and team would like to thanks to all their mentors especially 20MDC Rayne & Angela for guiding them along the way by giving hope, energy and direction. They are the light that gave us hope, compass that gave us direction.


With their team growing and business booming, they keep themselves focused on their goal for success. “If you have a very clear goal and big dreams, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen, you will go above and beyond. For me, it’s also about leading by example so that our team members can achieve their own goals as well,” she says. Follow the foot steps of mentor 10 MDC Lilian Ong, fast forward to 2016, times has changed and we are also evolving with time. From a deserted land of no believers to a now flourishing place with almost every street we have ageLOC users and Nu Professionals. Together we will raise the bar to yet another greater height.

If you are wondering what is Samantha’s secret to success, she will proudly tell you that - "Success never comes around to look for you while you wait around. You have got to get up and work at it to makes your dreams come true!"