Executive Brand Director

“Don’t forget your initial dream and always
focus on your goal.”

More at ease communicating with computers than human interactions, Michelle was plugged into her comfort zone as an IT consultant for about 10 years before taking on the Nu Skin business opportunity in 2011. Shortly after part-timing in the business for two months, she quit her previous job and went full-time. Was her decision a rash one? What could have caused such a sudden change in her?


“My parents couldn’t understand why I would want to give up a good salary in a thriving industry with bright career prospects,” recounted the 37-year-old. “Initially, I had no intention to go into the Nu Skin business as well. However, after attending one of the business opportunity sharing sessions, I truly understood for the first time what the business is all about. It is a platform where I can earn a passive income and that’s what I’ve been looking for.” A forward thinker, Michelle desires to work hard for a short time but amass enough wealth to last her a lifetime while also enabling her parents to retire and enjoy a comfortable life.


“That’s my dream and my reason for being in this business when I first started out. My goal kept me going and gives me the strength to rise above all the challenges that I faced. I made a pact with my parents that I’ll try the business for a few years and if I don’t do well, I’ll re-join the corporate world.” Michelle shared. A shy and somewhat anti-social loner, the homebody preferred holing up in her room with her computer than going out with friends. “All that changed since I joined the Nu Skin business. It took a lot of positive self-talk, attempts of unplugging from my old habits and persistence to keep getting better. I grew a lot as a person because of Nu Skin.” Her advice for tackling change is to be pro-active, open-minded and fearless. Shifting from an employee mindset to one that is entrepreneurial is also the key difference that drives success.


After three years in the business, Michelle achieved a level of financial stability that allowed her mother to retire. With her achievement as a Blue Diamond executive, her father is considering retirement as well. “I am glad I can support their retirement financially. I don’t think I can afford that if I’m still in my old job. When I chose Nu Skin, I see it as a low risk, global business opportunity with all the logistics, scientific research and product development all done. All I had to do was focus on becoming a better me,” explained Michelle.


Remaining humble about her achievements both in the business and at home, the leader has recalibrated her goal from one that is inward looking to being outwardly benefiting. Michelle’s next aim is to help more of her business partners plug into a network for multi-faceted growth and success. For helping her reboot her life, Michelle is very thankful for the guidance of her direct uplines, Million Dollar Circle members Loo Mun Fong & Kok Kung Shen.