Executive Brand Director

“Success together and together we succeed!”

From having less than four prospects to grooming more than 10 Executive Distributors within a month, Lindy dispelled the myth that the foundation of success in network marketing is dependent on one having a large network. And to make the challenges even tougher, she had to comply with Nu Skin’s regulations on transnational sponsorship of distributors, which added extra conditions she had to satisfy in order to build her business. But instead of bowing out, the former accountant with Ernst & Young rose above the obstacles and proved that success is all about having a can-do spirit.


Relocating to Shanghai after her marriage, Lindy’s only connection to Singapore were the annual Chinese New Year festivities where she catches up with family and friends. It was during one of these gatherings in 2016 that she was introduced to the TR90 weight management system. As she had been unsuccessful in losing the weight from her second pregnancy despite trying different sorts of fitness regime, she decided to give it a try. She shed an impressive 10kg after completing the system and the compliments kept pouring in. As well as questions about the secret behind her successful weight loss.


Lindy started sharing about Nu Skin products casually until 2018 when she decided to go full force as a business builder. “I have no doubts about Nu Skin. The products contain so much research and cutting-edge technology in them while the company is well established with solid financial standing and is truly global. Most importantly, I’ve experienced the amazing changes that the products and business opportunity have brought to my life!” Lindy gushed. For her, Nu Skin is not about selling at all but the sharing of something that is holistically good. Her sincerity to share rather than sell has attracted people to her.


“When I first decided to build the business, I had to write down on a list, the people I can approach. I had barely four prospects who I was confident to talk to. Furthermore, my account is registered in Singapore but I’m residing in Shanghai so I have to build up a Singapore team first before I can sponsor distributors in China. It was more difficult for me but I took small steps, worked hard and persevered. Now that my network has grown, people approach me about Nu Skin rather than me approaching them,” shared Lindy. Even to this day, she kept the list as a reminder that the impossible can be achieved with determination and teamwork.


Whatever Lindy has achieved in Nu Skin, she knows that she couldn’t have done it alone. She is very grateful to her immediate sponsors Diamond Executives Jamie Chew & Jeffrey Yeo for introducing Nu Skin to her. The vivacious leader is also thankful for the mentorship from Blue Diamond Executive Jess Lim and Million Dollar Circle Members Goh Choon Siong & Lee Teng. Most of all, she would like to express her appreciation for her team and looks forward to creating more successes for them and with them!