Executive Brand Director

"Begin with a belief and persist till the end."

She started with something, descended close to nothing, and then gained everything. Si Qi’s Nu Skin journey had been one stormy ride but instead of going under, the ups and downs sharpened her instincts as a future force to be reckoned with in the business. Her arrival at where she is today in the business took not only resolve but dexterity to not let limitations get in the way of realising her potential.


One of the biggest hurdles Si Qi had to overcome was her hermit lifestyle. “I used to be really introverted and not well spoken. I preferred solitude to socialising so I had no network. Furthermore, I had no experience in sales,” the former Operational Admin Assistant Manager with National University Hospital declared. “The other major challenge was that my family was against my going into Nu Skin full-time. They felt that I’m a university graduate with a secure job in healthcare, high pay and good bonuses, so I shouldn’t deviate from a promising career path and become a fish out of water.” Si Qi graduated with Second Class (Upper) Honours in Biological Sciences form Nanyang Technological University.


Although her family disapproved of her switch in career, Si Qi felt that Nu Skin is the only platform where she is able to achieve holistic success and provide a quality life to her family as well as many others. “The true value of Nu Skin is the happiness in seeing many lives transformed and having positive changes during their Nu Skin journey,” the 33-year-old confided. Joining Nu Skin in 2014, she went full-time into the business after part-timing for six months. However, things didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped.


“Despite putting in effort, some of them gave up during the journey. It was disheartening but the lowest point was also my breakthrough point,” Si Qi disclosed. Her resilience in the face of challenges propelled her to become better and triggered her to set herself the goal of achieving Blue Diamond. “I promised my family that I would give them a better life, and a peace of mind after a few years in Nu Skin. That’s my motivation to strive harder and revise my approach. In the past, excuses were bigger than desires but I changed my mindset to accept no compromise about success, focusing on solutions rather than the fear of failure. Success in this business starts with believing in yourself that you can do it, learn continuously and persevere.”


Helping her come out of her shell and having it all under her stride, Si Qi is grateful to all her uplines for their mentorship and guidance, especially Blue Diamond executives Ron Ng & Eve Quek; and Million Dollar Circle members Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee. She would also like to thank her business partners for their support and friendship. Moving forward, the determined leader would continue to empower people to improve lives and help many more achieve holistic success and reach their dreams!