Executive Brand Director

“Dare to dream and get more in life!"


With strong determination and a positive mindset, success is just around the corner. For Lau Phaik Ki and Tan Teck Wei, their hard work and tenacity to be successful paid off rapidly. Shortly after this couple quit their jobs to focus full-time on the Nu Skin business, they achieved the Executive Brand Director title.


"We didn't expect to achieve our Executive Brand Director milestone so soon," Phaik Ki shares. "When we took the leap to do Nu Skin full-time last year, we set our goal to achieve Executive Brand Director by June 2019. We were pleasantly surprised when we got the good news that we attained the title in April! Nu Skin's Velocity plan truly helped us to speed things up."


While Teck Wei and Phaik Ki have been on the fasttrack to success, it has taken them a lot of hard work to get to where they are today. Challenges abound in the beginning when they first started. As Nu Skin was a completely new line of profession for Phaik Ki, who was previously an Engineer and Teck Wei, who was a Senior Manager in a listed company, there was a lot they had to learn, especially when it comes to sales and communicating with others. However, their lack of experience in this field did not stop either of them. Even when things got tough in the beginning, they persevered, continued learning and improving themselves, while seeking advice from their uplines and mentors.


"One of the main challenges for me was talking to people," Phaik Ki says. "As this business requires meeting many people, it was initially out of my comfort zone. Thankfully I have my mentors to turn to when I need advice on how to communicate with others better, and how to deal with rejection. Today, I find myself to be more outgoing and sociable. In fact, when I use these communications skills at home, it helps to improve my relationship with my family. Looking back, Nu Skin is more than just a business. For us, it brought on positive changes on a personal level."


Teck Wei and Phaik Ki also shared that team spirit and team momentum are the cornerstones of their success. In their business, they treat friends, peers and their team like family members. "It's important to care about the people in your life," Teck Wei explains. "We always make the effort to get to know others and understand what they need. This helps to build better bonding between team members and maintain a strong team momentum so that everyone is on the right track to success."


The couple also attributes their success to the support they received from their family and mentors. "We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our mentors Circle Of Excellence I Alan & Bao Yan, Siew Fong, Chai Yen and Sam as well as our family members and our team who believed in us. Moving forward, we will strive towards achieving the Presidential Director title!"