Executive Brand Director

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is courage to
continue that counts.”

She could have turned away, returning back to familiar grounds where vast pastures beckon. The prospects were enticing, but they were not fulfilling. For Lanna, going higher has ceased to be meaningful. She yearned to get deeper into what truly mattered to her. And time was running out.


Born in Vietnam and raised in Australia before calling Singapore home, the mother of two had moulded a very successful career in human resource with one of the biggest technology hardware makers. More lucrative offers from head-hunters were a constant but Lanna defied the conventional upward logic of career progression. Instead, she took up the Nu Skin business. Much to the chagrin of her husband, H. C. “We had a lot of big arguments because of my decision, especially in 2014 when we faced a catastrophic financial setback. When the rejection comes from your nearest and dearest, it hurts the most,” Lanna recalled. Painful as it was, rather than be suffocated by negativity, she converted the power of resistance into fuel for her determination to succeed.


Encountering Nu Skin in 2001, Lanna was initially dismissive about the company’s credibility and detested network marketing. However, a Discovery Channel’s documentary titled, “DNA The Next Wave” in late 2012 changed that. Upon finding out that three of the scientists featured in the story are the ones behind some of Nu Skin’s revolutionary innovations, she decided to try the products and started the business part-time in 2013.


“After 14 years in the corporate world, I needed a change. My kids were growing up fast and my grandmother was getting advanced in years. I wanted to be there for them and time was not on our side. The Nu Skin opportunity allowed me to take care of the people I love and still apply myself professionally. Plus, I have a lot of confidence in the science behind the products,” shared Lanna, who majored in genetics at The University Of Melbourne. Her disbelief at how Nu Skin R2 could wean her mother off sleeping pills due to chronic insomnia within three weeks has made her a firm believer of the company’s commitment to develop innovative products that work. This integrity reflects well with Lanna’s own conviction towards sincerity and accountability, prompting her to focus full-time into the business in 2015.


Having faced the difficult crossroad between a high-flying career or a pursuit grounded in passion, Lanna is glad she went with her heart despite having fallen many times along the way. Seeing her growth and viability of Nu Skin as a long-term business, H.C. had also quit his job in sales and marketing to fully support their expanding network. The couple is very grateful to their upline sponsors Blue Diamond executives Patrick Wong & Sharon Loh for always being there; all downlines for their friendship and trust; and Million Dollar Circle members Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee, as well as 10 Million Dollar Circle member Chua Syer Chin for their continued support and guidance.


Moving ahead, Lanna and H.C. feel an even greater urgency to equip their downlines with leadership skills and help more people through the products and business. It is time to pay it forward!