Grace Loh & Andrew Ng


Executive Brand Director

“How you treat the Nu Skin business, the business will
reward you likewise.”

Truly appreciating the power of technology in improving lifestyles and unlocking possibilities for humanity, Grace and Andrew are at the forefront of harnessing technological advancements as a means to better not only their lives, but the lives of others. For the couple, their sharing of Nu Skin products is not so much about the products’ efficacies, but the science behind why and how they work. Their diligence to help people learn about breakthroughs in the science of living well instead of product-pushing had finally paid off as the pair received their Blue Diamond accolade.


Their journey with Nu Skin began in 2013 when Grace tried TRA to lose her pregnancy weight. “I had problems slimming down after pregnancy and had tried various methods to lose weight. I was unsuccessful until I tried TRA and lost 12kg within the first course. Astounded by my transformation, people around me started asking what I did and I shared with them about TRA,” Grace recounted. Being a skeptic of direct-selling, 39-year-old former owner of a retail chain took her sharing as purely an experience to help others without the consideration of developing it into a business.


A year later, a trip to the Nu Skin Hong Kong Convention changed her perspective. During the event, she witnessed how countless people were able to tap into Nu Skin, not just to help others but also achieving time and financial flexibility. That’s the turning point that convinced Grace to be more than a user, but a business builder. Her decision was supported by Andrew who runs a wholesale and retail business for mobile phones and accessories.


“Technology transcends beyond evolution of digital gadgets. Being in the business of mobile communication technology, we are very sensitive to advancements in technical innovations, whether it is tactile engineering or bio-sciences,” Andrew said. 42-year-old entrepreneur attests that Nu Skin is a market leader, constantly raising the bar for comprehensive research and development of ground-breaking anti-aging beauty and health products. It is Nu Skin’s continuous pursuit for bio-tech excellence coupled with their direct experiences with the company’s products that convinced Grace and Andrew to take on the business opportunity. “On top of helping people look and feel better, through Nu Skin, we can also offer a solution to boost their income!”


For their success, Grace and Andrew are very grateful to 20 Million Dollar Circle, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho, for their invaluable guidance. The couple is also grateful to all their uplines and business partners who they deemed as ‘angels’ in supporting their journey of growth. The couple looks forward to help more people benefit from the technology of Nu Skin products as well as incredible business opportunity!