Executive Brand Director

"Visualise it, believe it, build it."


Warm and approachable, Gena Teo and Ong Boon Seng have a very friendly and earnest vibe that easily draw people to them. They were not always this way though. Prior to Nu Skin, the couple who were previously engineers at a data storage company, had always kept to themselves and had little social interaction with others. It was through their Nu Skin business that they began to develop interpersonal skills and form strong relationships.


"I was an engineer for 23 years. As my work does not require me to speak to a lot of people, it sort of moulded me into this reclusive person. " Boon Seng shares. “At Nu Skin, we have to push ourselves to connect to others as it is a people business. I come to realize that having meaningful connections and friendships make life more fulfilling.”


The first time Boon Seng and Gena learned about Nu Skin was through an ex-colleague, Patrick who is now a business entrepreneur with his wife, Sharon in Nu Skin. The couple found the business interesting but did not think they could do it as they believed they weren’t sociable enough or had the right skillset. But when Gena got to know about Nu Skin's TRA weight loss program, she was instantly keen to try it out.


"I was amazed by the results and it got my attention," Gena says. "I began to find out more about Nu Skin and realize it is not something impossible to do like I first thought. So I decided to take up the Nu Skin business opportunity together with Boon Seng.


Fast forward to today, a lot has changed. From a quiet couple who had no sales experience and minimal social skills, Gena and Boon Seng have blossomed into accomplished leaders and business owners that their team looks up to. There was no magic formula to getting to where they are. Like everyone else, the couple encountered challenges from time to come which took them out of their comfort zones.


A testimony of their dedication and hard work is achieving the Executive Brand Director title. "We are really happy about this!" Boon Seng says. "This achievement represents our hard work and personal transformation that we have gone through over the years. But this is just the beginning as we have our sights set on the next level. We really look forward to reaching even greater achievements and helping our team members to blossom in this business too!”


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.