Executive Brand Director

“Success is not about how much money we made,
but the number of lives we transformed.”



A glory shared is a joy multiplied manifolds. For Fern, her measure of success is nothing personal, but in the lives she helped transformed and sharing the fruits of her labour with the people she loves. With Nu Skin, the former marketing professional in the healthcare sector feels she has finally found the soil of fulfilment to blossom and prosper.


It took over 10 years for Fern to identify Nu Skin as her opportunity for success. Like a frond unrolling to its fullest potential, her journey with Nu Skin began in 2002 when she was contented to be just be a product user until a shift in core desire seeded her growth into a leader. “I wanted to retire early and also provide well for my parents,” Fern shared. To achieve this freedom, she worked hard at her job but the harder she worked, the more trapped she felt. Then in 2013, inspired by the lifestyle of her mentor, 10 Million Dollar Circle member Lilian Ong, the secretly introverted woman decided it was time to take a different approach to reach her goal.


“I’ve never liked to do sales, that’s why I was comfortable behind the scene as a marketer. Fortunately, Nu Skin business is not about sales but the sharing of good products and business opportunity to transform lives. Through staying coachable, stepping up as a leader and following closely in the footsteps of my mentor, my network took roots and flourished,” Fern recalled. She tirelessly encourages this growth mindset and habits in her team so that they too can be nourished for success.


One who constantly puts her family first, Fern was thrilled to share the stage with her mother during her recognition and related this story, “I brought my parents on the incentive trip and one of my team mates congratulated my mum. My mum said to her, ‘I hope you will be as successful as my daughter one day’. For her to say that, I believe mum is proud of me. Sharing the honour with my mother on stage was something which could never happen in my previous job because the corporate world is focused on personal achievements. That was a very touching moment for me and Nu Skin made it possible!”


As Fern moves forward to help more of the teammates in her organisation bloom and fruit in the achievement of their goals, the dynamic leader is grateful to her family and all who believed in her for supporting her. She is thankful to all her uplines, especially 10 Million Dollar Circle member, Lilian Ong, as well as all the Million Dollar Circle leaders who have shown her that success in Nu Skin is possible through their many success stories. Now, it is up to her to cultivate her team into a thriving garden that many can delight in!