Executive Brand Director

“Do not compromise on your goal and persist till the end.”


As Eva laid uncertain on the operating table with her mind slipping into unconsciousness, something within her awakened. “If I do not survive this operation, is that all there is to my life?” she pondered, almost at the point of panic. Thankfully the procedure to remove several ovarian cysts went smoothly and she woke up. A giant.


Arriving in Singapore at the age of 18 to further her education, the Malaysian-born Chinese had always been one who went with the flow. Upon completing her studies, Eva earned her living as a graphic designer, got married, and life revolved around work and home. She was contented. Or so she thought. Until the flashbacks of the normalcy of her life on that operating table made her realise she yearned for so much more. That was when she decided she needed a change. But how?


The answer for the 43-year-old came in the form of Nu Skin. “Due to several health issues, I had to be on medications that caused me to put on weight. In my search for weight loss solutions, I decided to try Nu Skin’s products. The turning point came in 2014 when she attended a Nu Skin conference in Hong Kong where she realused that the business is the life-changing opportunity she has been searching for.


While Eva was open to the idea of network marketing, she had no network, no experience and most importantly, “no gift of the gab. I am not a confident communicator and I don’t like to talk to people,” she confessed. Furthermore, her husband Joseph was resistant to direct sales, “I was very against direct selling because I felt it is a kind of scam.” However, after witnessing the efficacies of Nu Skin products and changes in Eva, the former project manager from the manufacturing industry studied the company more closely and became a convert.


With their aspirations for the business opportunity aligned, the direct selling outsiders embarked on an intensive learning journey that transformed them profoundly and propelled their success. “This is a very uncomfortable business because it is different from the traditional way of thinking. In order to succeed, we have to grow and change. We don’t compromise,” said Joseph, who at 49 years of age, felt that he has become a more positive person through the business than if he had stayed in his previous job.


Being in control of their own lives now, Eva and Joseph are very grateful to Senior Brand Director Christine Moh for guiding them right from the start; Circle of Excellence I Chew Soon Chen for mentoring them in building an awesome team; and the many great uplines who helped them along the way. They are also thankful for the core members in their team who believed in them. Becoming Executive Brand Director is only the beginning and the leaders hope to help more people awaken their giants within to dream big and lead more fulfilling lives!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.