Executive Brand Director

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

“We don’t want to work nine-to-five till we are 65!” Daphne proclaimed jokingly when asked about joining Nu Skin. However, for the couple, future-proofing their time and finances is no laughing matter. They have seen once too often in their previous careers just how precarious life can be if one lives only for the here and now without thinking ahead.


Working for a plastic surgeon before becoming an assistant manager in quality management for nursing services, Daphne has a deep appreciation of the relationship between wealth, health and medical care. While one’s ability to generate income is finite, the necessity of spending is infinite, especially when afflicted with deliberating illnesses. The strategy then is to earn as much as possible while healthy, or better yet, establish a good, prolong health and delay the onset of diseases.

“I find all that achievable through Nu Skin. The products can support wellness along with a healthy lifestyle and the sales compensation plan could generate leveraged income. With all that the company has to offer, we can help people save money from plastic surgery, keep them away from hospital and if care is needed, it can be afforded,” Daphne rationalised. This sentiment is shared by her husband, De Rong, who had been in credit management for more than 17 years.


Working together on a common platform has greatly improved their spousal relationship. “We are like any typical Singaporean couple, doing our own things when we come home from work. I will watch Korean dramas while De Rong plays his games. Now, we have a lot of common topics and we are fighting for the same dream,” shared Daphne. She got to know about Nu Skin in 2014 when her sister introduced her to ageLOC Galvanic Spa. Having used and assessed the quality and science behind the skincare products, Daphne’s confidence in their efficacies backed the couple’s transition to become full-time business builders. For the first time, they broke free of their employee mindset, dreamt big and took on the responsibilities of leadership.


Daphne and De Rong consider personal growth and the breakthroughs of their business partners as their greatest achievements in this business. “We are attracted to the business because of the Force For Good philosophy and we live by this vision. This outlook has helped us to be better people, learnt the joy in gratitude, and to spread the positivity,” the leaders said. They are very grateful to all their uplines for their support and guidance, and for their business partners and friends who believed and trusted them.


As they take aim at their next goal, Daphne and De Rong are planning forward to help create more success stories in their network so that the future can be one of anticipation, fulfilment and enriching life experiences!