Chris Tan


Executive Brand Director

“Success can be lonely, or it can be blissful.
Knowing the best choices to make is more important
than working hard blindly!”         

Constantly thriving on challenges and pushing herself to go the distance, Chris is someone who likes to be in control of her life. However, she was powerless to resist the vices that came with a highly social lifestyle that if she had continued in it, would have claimed her health. Thankfully, she was introduced to Nu Skin and her life was practically ‘saved’ by the company’s products and business culture.


Chris started her first business venture at the tender age of 21. “I went into the retail of mobile phones and accessories, beginning with a small kiosk and expanded to 12 shops island-wide,” Chris recalled. Unfortunately, her business struggled with rising operating costs and when the financial crisis of 2008 crippled spending power, Chris had to wind up her business.


Undefeated, Chris sought to build a career in real estate. She excelled at what she did and quickly became one of the top agents in the property firm that she joined. She enjoyed being an agent and was in control of planning her work schedule. But the constant entertaining required in her line of work took its toll on her health. “I ran a lot of marathon, but unhealthy lifestyle habits and stress of meeting sales targets exacerbated my asthma and I also fell into depression,” Chris shared of the painful joy that the peak of her career brought. In a desperate bid to regain her health, Chris decided to give ageLOC a try when she was introduced to the product.


“My health improved significantly and my reliance on asthmatic medication reduced. I was very impressed. So I decided to find out more about the Nu Skin business opportunity and decided to venture into it.” Chris joined Nu Skin in 2013 and eventually decided to leave her real estate career to go full-time into the direct-selling business. “With real estate, I only earned with each property transacted and that’s it. I have to close new deals every month. With Nu Skin, there’s the power of leveraging and we all work together to focus on the opportunity for supplemental income. In my previous handphone business and real estate work, I have to learn and grow by myself. It was very lonely. But in Nu Skin, we help each other get ahead as a team!”


The other main difference Chris has experienced with Nu Skin is that this business requires one to use more of the heart and less of logic. She’s very grateful to have learnt these valuable lessons from her uplines and business partners especially Executive Brand Director Carine Ooi; Executive Brand Director Eloise Law & JJ Tan; and Senior Brand Director Sammy Chor. Moving forward, Chris wants to lead an even healthier lifestyle and help shine a way out for people who feel trapped in their current situation!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.