Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Circle Of Excellence II & 12 Year Team Elite

"Believe, Commit and Persist.  Let your actions speak louder than words"

Would you believe that when Selenium organised her first big Nu Skin event and held a talk about the direct selling giant’s products and business opportunity, she didn’t even close a single sale? At another, she managed to sell only S$40 worth of products. These devastating track records would have convinced anyone to give up on Nu Skin but not Selenium. Instead of surrendering to defeat, she took all her failures in stride and grew from them. Today, the indomitable leader ranks consistently amongst the top performers in the business and proved that success in Nu Skin is inevitable for those who persist.


By persisting, however, doesn’t mean an adamancy in repeating the same mistakes. Rather, it is persistence towards getting better. “I used to be a very shy person who doesn’t like socialising. I didn't have many friends who supported me nor were they regular product users when I started Nu Skin. But I saw that very ordinary people can also become successful here, so I decided to change by working hard at areas to improve and achieve growth through continuous learning and practice,” Selenium shared. Following what her mentors taught her and duplicating the process, the determined leader grew from strength to strength through helping more people gain success. She is very grateful for an awesome platform like Nu Skin, “which helped ordinary people like Poh Lin and I achieve our dream of being an entrepreneur with a global network and leading the kind of lifestyle we want.”


When the couple took on the Nu Skin business opportunity in 2001, they didn’t know how far they could go. Having made it to the top, the husband-and-wife team feels that success boils down to these 5 factors – having a Dream, setting Goals, Believing in oneself, the company and products, taking Action to turn dreams into reality, and Leading by example. Being genuine and sincere are also key ingredients in this business about helping people unlock their potential and realise their dreams.


Selenium and Poh Lin hopes that their success would inspire many who are like them that success is possible in Nu Skin. “What we’ve achieved is strong testimony that even a person with average ability who is not good in sales or speaking can make it!” For their achievements, the couple would like to thank their sponsors Circle of Excellence II, Teresa Tan and Michael San, for sharing the opportunity with them; Circle of Excellence II, Henry Ho, for his guidance all these years; Circle of Excellence IV, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew, for being their example and great mentor. Their success is also not possible without the inspiring examples of many sideline leaders from the Nu Skin family and the dedication and commitment of Nu Skin’s management and account managers. 


Moving forth, Selenium and Poh Lin feels even greater responsibility and charge to  groom more leaders to become Circle of Excellence, help them build a solid network and reach their dreams!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.