Samuel Tan

Samuel Tan

Circle Of Excellence IV & 1 Year Team Elite

“Expedite your success; because time is too precious, and your loved ones may not always be around.”

Accomplishment can be defined in many ways. For Samuel Tan who recently achieved the Circle of Excellence IV title, financial accomplishment is meaningful only when you can also have control of your time. Ultimately, Samuel’s goal is to be able to spend quality time with his loved ones while sharing and enjoying the fruits of his labour with them.


Samuel was formerly Head of Department of one of the top Wall Street investment banks. Considering his life back then, he wondered, “Although I was successful in the corporate world then, there was always this burning question within me. In investment banks, we serve many tycoons and I wanted to know if I have what it takes to be an accomplished entrepreneur too.”


The Nu Skin business opportunity was first made known to Samuel through a friend. After doing more in-depth research on Nu Skin, he realized it was the opportunity of a lifetime and decided to start the Nu Skin business on a full-time basis.


Throughout his journey in Nu Skin, there were no lack of challenges but he powered through regardless of obstacles encountered along the way, and taking each challenge as a new learning opportunity. The first three months were the toughest as it was an entirely new environment and business model for which he had no prior experience with. Undaunted, he was determined to fast track his goals because ultimately, his goal was to change his lifestyle and gain the control that he desired over his life.


Samuel knew that the sooner he establish his team, the more he would benefit. From there, he could focus more on his family, spending quality time with his wife, kids and parents, showering them with love and affections. He was relentless in pursuing his goals, committing himself completely to the business and the cause from the start.


Samuel’s hard work paid off and he achieved the Executive Brand Director title. However, he did not stop there because he knew accomplishment in Nu Skin was never an individual effort. Leveraging the momentum of this first achievment, he helped and mentored his downlines to also achieve the Executive Brand Director title. By helping others, Samuel helped himself build a rewarding Nu Skin business and he eventually took a sabbatical year off to enjoy time with his loved ones.


When it comes to goals – whether in life or in business, Samuel has an unconventional approach to achieving them. As a former martial arts instructor, his view on success is largely influenced by his martial arts background. "In martial arts, to break a board, you need to picture a target behind the board. Hit through the board’s surface and to the target; otherwise you would just hurt yourself," Samuel says. "It's the same with business. You need to push yourself and keep going till you distinguish yourself from other equally successful competitors."


Achieving the Nu Skin Circle of Excellence IV title sets a new beginning for Samuel. “It’s a new dawn! Now, I would like to just travel and experience different cultures around the world!" Samuel shares. "As Nu Skin is operating in almost 50 markets, it will be interesting if I can befriend and partner people from all these places. I look forward to having a new experience every day, while helping people in these locations to reach their own goals. The best has yet to come!"

Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.