Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah

Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah

Circle Of Excellence IV & 16 Year Team Elite

“Our success is not due to abilities but the power of love and taking action.”

Big data, cloud computing, retail digitisation, global hyper connectivity… these are not #millennialspeak but the avocation of Lilian and Daniel, who at age 62, attributed their currency with macro trends as the outcome of building a business with a company that moves with the times. Their advocacy for staying relevant through constant knowledge and application upgrades has been fundamental to achieving their goals in Nu Skin, an accomplishment that saw them achieving Circle of Excellence IV and transforming countless lives. Their achievements are sterling, yet the endearing couple remains humble, down-to-earth and amicable. 


Joining Nu Skin at the turn of the millennium, Lilian and Daniel took a huge risk by embarking on a totally different business path in their 40s. Where did they find the courage to make such a drastic change? “We saw the Nu Skin products and business for what it really is – a key that can open many doors, from physical well-being to levarged income to personal fulfilment. Most people think Nu Skin is about selling products and not a business. We agree that Nu Skin is not just a business. It is so much more. It is a lifestyle!” related Daniel. A lack in thorough understanding and appreciation of the full potential to share the amazing products and business is why most people give up on the opportunity. The other crucial companion to the realisation of this business’ potential is taking action to change. 


“Making the decision to join Nu Skin was easy because of the solid background of the company. The real challenge comes from changing ourselves to do what the business requires that is harder,” Lilian said in retrospection. “If we don’t change, things will remain the same. Changing ourselves opens up new paths and possibilities, bringing new hope.” Daniel concurred by adding to his wife’s reflection, “We cannot afford to not change because the times are changing. And fast. Many aspects of the economy are quickly becoming digitalised and we have to adapt to new ways of sharing the products and business opportunity whether we like it or not. In anything we do, we must set a goal and look at what we must do to reach that goal.”


The leaders’ life have gone through vast and positive improvements over the years and they hope to change the world’s dream one person at a time. Lilian and Daniel are very grateful to the founders of Nu Skin for creating such incredible products and opportunity that transformed their lives and giving them the power to help people achieve their goals. They are also thankful for the diligence of Nu Skin staff, their sponsor, mentor and downlines who have trusted and supported them all these years.


“Achieving our goals is an ongoing journey in Nu Skin as long as you stay on the course and persevere. And remember, the ability of one person is limited. But leverage on team work and miracles do happen!” Daniel quipped. “Let’s remain commited, dedicated and work towards our goals together!”


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.