Cynthia Low

Cynthia Low

Circle Of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“Reach for an exciting life with Nu Skin as a platform and live brilliantly!”

Achieving the Circle of Excellence I title is a pivotal highlight in Cynthia’s Nu Skin journey as the recognition further crystalises her mission to be a blessing in the lives of others and helping her business partners in the business. Joining Nu Skin in 2001 as someone who enjoys the company’s innovative products, business model and Force For Good culture, the 62-year-old was formerly a secondary school Physical Education and Chinese Language teacher before establishing her own food and beverage business after 22 years as an educator. Unfortunately, hefty rental increments made it unviable to continue her business venture.


Ever a caring teacher who puts the welfare of her students first and a doting mother who once took two years unpaid leave to take care of her four children, Cynthia transfers her nurturing maternal instincts into the Nu Skin business. “My definition of success is the number of people I’ve cared for and helped in their quest to realise their dreams,” she shared. At an age where most of her peers are slowing down, Cynthia shows no sign of stopping and thrives on challenges. “Success and failures, regardless of how big or small, are necessary to keep life interesting and exciting. And this is my lifetime pursuit.”


Cynthia cites being in the Nu Skin business as one of the main reasons her life continues to expand. “I enjoy the growth I’ve experienced through Nu Skin both in my business as well as personal enrichment. During the process of growth, I understood the meaning that ‘your perception determines your position’ and that motivated me to work hard at learning from eminent leaders in the business in order to improve my leadership skills.” Her indomitable positive attitude towards achieving personal breakthroughs has helped her derive joy and maintain balance while anticipating challenges that come her way.


Accepting that setbacks are a part of life, Cynthia urges distributors not to feel dejected when faced with rejections and failures. The key is to focus on one’s goal, rise above the problems and keep on going. 


As her network continues to grow, Cynthia looks forward to taking on more challenges which will fill her days ahead with more meaning and excitement. She foresees that the more she interacts with people, the more her heart will be full of happiness, harmony and gratefulness. Cynthia is very thankful to her upline leaders for their guidance and her business partners in Singapore and beyond for their support. More ready than ever before to devote herself to the success of her downlines, Cynthia endeavours to help more people achieve their goals!


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