Angela Liew and Rayne Ho

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

Circle Of Excellence IV & 20 Year Team Elite

“The road to success is never walked alone.”

When Rayne and Angela were approached about the Nu Skin products and business opportunity in 2000, both of them had zero experience in the direct selling industry, knowledge in personal care products and neither of them had a large network of prospects to begin with. Partners of a traditional business in the education industry, the duo had their reservations and doubts about the company and the legitimacy of direct sales. Like many, they couldn’t believe that a business model that is so simple can bring them leveraged income and time flexibility. “It sounds too good to be true!” the leaders recounted of their initial reaction to Nu Skin in the beginning.


However, years later, Rayne and Angela have not just realised that the company is all that it promises to be and more, but have risen to become somewhat of a Nu Skin legend by possibly being the first pair of distributors to qualify as CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE IV in Southeast Asia. “Once we cleared our doubts about Nu Skin and the direct selling industry, we knew that with hard work, dedication, commitment and long hours we could achieve our goals. As long as we stay in the business, share the amazing products and have the power of leverage and compounding nature of Nu Skin’s compensation plan would bring us here. 


“In this world, there are many businesses that can create wealth, but there is no business that can match the contentment and satisfaction of a business that can help others to achieve their goals and change their lives for the better. Nu Skin provides us with the bigger cause of finding meaning and value in fulfilling ourselves through helping others,” Angela added.  What motivates them now is the power of the products and business to change lives, as it has changed theirs, which drives and motivates them to continue working fervently to share Nu Skin with more people.


“We want to be the best examples to show people who may still have doubts about Nu Skin and the industry that they can put their fears to rest and think about their personal goals and what action they can take to turn them into reality,” said Rayne who is all praises for the professionalism and trustworthiness of Nu Skin so distributors can focus on sharing the products and business building instead of policing the company for errors and support. “Nu Skin is the right company. We don’t have to worry about administrative issues. There are many people more capable than us and work even harder, but we are able to achieve our goals because the integrity and competency of the company give us confidence.”


Professionalism is a key word for Rayne and Angela who have seen the direct sales market in Singapore through its infancy. “Ten years ago, Singapore was very new to the direct selling industry and people were ignorant about it. Professionalism in the industry was also questionable as distributors were making exaggerated claims to sell products. But today, with consistent training and higher consumer awareness, direct selling is recognised and accepted as a legitimate business opportunity and people have become more receptive. Over the years, we saw many different professionals s joining the business and dispelled the impression that network marketing is for people who cannot find a job,” Angela shared about her observation of the industry. The leaders hope to raise the profile of the industry even further.


Having achieved such great goals, one can’t help but wonder what the secrets to their results are. They leaders would tell you there are none. It is all a matter stating very clear goals and staying much focused. “It is like knowing for sure there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We are very definite with where we want to reach so while we are travelling through the tunnel, it may be very dark and long but we know what’s waiting for us at the end. And this makes it easier for us to look at our problems as a rite of passage,” Rayne and Angela also value the benefits of a systematic approach to the Nu Skin business opportunity. 


Owing to their institutional background in education, the partners set up a methodological route for downlines to follow in order to achieve their goals in this business. Much akin to an academic system where distributors ‘graduate’ from one level before moving to the next, Rayne and Angela take great pains to identify and nurture talents. For that, Angela is very thankful to Rayne. “I am very grateful to Rayne for his vision and strategy in achieving breakthroughs for our network. He helped changed me and a lot of people’s lives for the better.”


Getting where they are today, Rayne and Angela are extremely thankful to Blake Rooney who had the noble vision and big heart to create a business-like Nu Skin. “Our lives and many others are changed because of him and we want to assist him to realize his dream of changing the world. We are also very thankful to our business partners and hope that together, we can help many more people on their journey” With Rayne and Angela, nothing is impossible.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.

Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.