Kelly Ong

Kelly Ong

Circle Of Excellence I & 1 Year Presidential Director

“Live life with purpose. Be an angel in your own life and that of others.”

When you achieving your goals involves creating a positive impact on other people's lives, it becomes a more meaningful accomplishment. This was what kept Kelly Ong going in her Nu Skin business. Formerly an AVP of a German Bank and years of climbing the corporate ladder, Kelly yearns for something more meaningful and decided to embark on a new journey. After being introduced to Nu Skin by her niece, she recognized the potential of sharing the amazing products and the platform to help with this..


Kelly is a fast learner who understands the complex aspects of the business and knows how to simplify it for easy comprehension, making her a natural leader in the business. To Kelly, helping others to discover their best, most confident self, and watching them achieve their own goals is the best reward. "I am led by the philosophy that if we have the capabilities to contribute, we should contribute more." Kelly says.


As a person who likes to do things at her own pace, Kelly believes that everyone has their own ways to achieve their goals. To her, slow and steady is the best way to not only win the race, but also enjoy it at the same time. Her warm and empathic approach was welcomed by many, especially those who need stronger support and nurturing in the beginning.


Her leadership style proved to be effective as she built an established organization and received the recognition as Circle of Excellence. While she is overjoyed with her achievement, she is pleased that her sharing her journey is also a huge source of inspiration for her business partners. "This title is a meaningful achievement because it means I can now empower even more leaders to strive for it as well. Seeing how hopeful and enthusiastic they are about this renews my energy and love for the products and business and motivates me to do even better for others."


One of Kelly's key to her achievements is persistence. She never gives up and fights on till she accomplished her goals. "True victory belongs to the person who persists despite the challenges he or she may encounter." Kelly thinks that leadership skills and having a sincere heart are also key factors to achieve her goals. As Nu Skin is a people business, it is important to communicate well and guide the team towards a common goal. The journey may not be easy but it will be a worthwhile one.


On a more personal level, Kelly is grateful that Nu Skin has given her the access to amazing products and opportunity to make a difference in her community through reaching out and helping others to live a happier, healthier and more wholesome life. Along the way, she has also met many like-minded people and formed close bonds with them, making her Nu Skin journey an even more meaningful and fulfilling one.


Kelly is immensely grateful to her mentors who have been instrumental in her personal growth through her Nu Skin Journey. Special thanks is extended to Mr Rayne Ho for his vision and guidance. She is also thankful to Ms Angela Liew for being an inspiration and Mr Ong Gee for encouraging her to make the COE milestone an actionable goal. Lastly, she is ever grateful for her direct sponsor, Ms Lilian Ong for enabling her to embrace the Nu Skin products and opportunity.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.