Ang Wui Lee &
Chan May Ling

Circle Of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“Stay focused, work hard and keep believing in yourself”

Time is a precious commodity – something which Wui Lee and May Ling knew very well, as this was also the motivating factor for them to take the leap of faith and start their journey as Nu Skin entrepreneurs back in the day. 


Both Wui Lee and May Ling were in the Pharmaceutical industry for many years and had the same goal, which was to work independently and have time flexibility. It did not take long for the duo to realize that their goal can be fulfilled in Nu Skin. 


“When we were first introduced to Nu Skin, we were impressed with the amazing products and that it was a feasible business venture with potential,” shared Wui Lee. She continued, “It was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss as we saw that with commitment, dedication and hard work it can also deliver us the lifestyle that we have always wanted.”. 


Previously a Senior Operations Manager at a top-tier Pharmaceutical company, Wui Lee made the decision to focus and devote her time to build the Nu Skin business. It was a decision she never looked back since. While there were many challenges in the initial stages, the business kept her going as it gave her exciting learning experiences one after another. Analytical and task-driven by nature, the business taught her to be more empathetic and be a better listener. 


May Ling on the other hand, was a Pharmacist who benefitted from her experience in Nu Skin as well. May Ling was an introvert and tends to be nervous in social situations. It proved to be a difficult task for her to approach people and engage actively in conversations. However, she knew that Nu Skin was a networking business and in order to grow, she must step out of her comfort zone. “The experience in Nu Skin is a meaningful one as it involves touching new lives and helping others. This makes sharing about Nu Skin’s products and opportunity with others easier and enjoyable for me.”, says May Ling. 


As new Circle of Excellence I, May Ling and Wui Lee attribute their achievements to three key values - belief, perseverance and hard work. They shared, “To experience self-doubt in the journey is not uncommon but ultimately, it is about believing in yourself and persevering till you reach your goal. Only time will tell so do work hard, and commit to learning new skills and the long hours, don’t give up and allow time for yourself to prove that you can achieve your goals. 


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.