Are you still there?


Yulia and Denis Laptevy


03 April, 2017 marks exactly nine years since we started our Nu Skin business!


I remember that day clearly and everything that happened thereafter. The decision to join Nu Skin was made immediately. You do not need to ask others for permission to live your life to the fullest. "Start with yourself" is my motto and first rule in all matters.


On 03 April, 2008, I was 27 years old. Back then no one believed that this little girl would become a TOP leader and one of the brightest Nu Skin pioneers in Ukraine. My husband Denis Laptev is my biggest support, whirlwind of useful activity!


My second rule of success is that troubles and issues you encounter always can be your motivation! Business is not a purely smooth and steady development; it’s more like a zigzag. All the difficulties make me stronger. Obstacles force us to seek a new way out, act differently, think out of the box and of course, play by new rules!


In 2011, I attended the Ruby Trip. For me, that was like a discovery of the big world of Nu Skin.

In 2012, I gave birth to my first child and that was also the time when I realised the necessity of having substantial residual income, being on maternity leave and have it growing! In 2015, I gave birth to my second child and started qualification for the EMEA Success Trip to wonderful Cape Town.


The year 2017 brought with it an incredible life and an unforgettable trip to Cape Town! My aim with Nu Skin is business. But time flies, priorities change. Now I know that the main wealth comes from maintaining your inner energy and power + significant income. Inner energy comes from creation and helping other people. Physical power is drawn from Pharmanex products. Energy is a team of like-minded people. You can earn lots of money but do not get satisfaction and pleasure from the process.



Nu Skin is a powerful vehicle to help you live your life to the fullest! People often think: “How did she manage to achieve it?”, “What special thing did she do?” My answer is simple and this is rule №3. We’ve got to change ourselves in changing time! We went through a lot of activity, from the gold standard of the networking business – personal meetings and phone calls to super convenient and useful internet technologies. And changing is to keep moving and advancing! Stay open for them and enjoy new opportunities. Now, I personally have a feeling of standing on high, there is an incredible mountain view in front of me. And newly opened peaks in a haze of clouds. Such thrill takes your breath away. Nu Skin is freedom, opportunity to live life to the fullest and as you want. This is your choice!