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Why use the BioPhotonic Scanner?


It is science based and credible.

The Raman Spectroscopy technology used by the Scanner is a Physics Nobel Prize winning technology recognised by scientific articles and studies.




The Pharmanex BioPhotonic S3 Scanner was named a 2014 bronze winner from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). 



“Prove that what you say is true”

I never leave without my Scanner because, as you meet people and give presentations, everybody is eager to experience the Scanner. Compared to the other versions, the S3 can be carried more easily; can scan people without any wires or calibration! The last scan I did was in a train! Quite an unusual place, but so easy to do!

Shiva -  Scanner Lease Holder in France


“It is non-invasive and harmless”   

During the scan, you do not feel anything. You just place the palm of your hand in front of the blue emitting light and within 30 seconds you get your Skin Carotenoid Score. No noise, no mark on your hand and it is completely harmless to your body. The measurement made by the Scanner is quick and easy while revealing your Scanner score.

Marie - Senior Sales Manager Western Europe & Israel at Nu Skin Belgium



“The S3 Scanner is very simple, ergonomic, quicker and easier”   

Two main specificities of the S3 Scanner are that it is very simple to use in connection with the iPad mini and it is very ergonomic. In addition, it is quicker to warm up, scan and to fill the information field. It is easier for the client. The emailing of the scan results is very quick and respectful of the environment (no printing).

Jean-Christophe -  Scanner Lease Holder in Switzerland



Scanner in pictures

Scanner at Nu STARt Meetings 2016

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Did you know?



You can re-scan once per month to check the evolution of your SCS.



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Are you interested in becoming a Scanner Operator?

Pharmanex is the exclusive owner of the BioPhotonic Scanner device by having a patent on it. The Scanner can only be leased to Nu Skin independent Brand Affiliates and cannot be sold. Contact your local Account Manager to learn about the conditions to lease a Scanner or alternatively, you can visit Office by following the path: BUILD-> Tools -> Scanner to learn more about the Scanner business opportunity.