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The Pro-Planet

(Vegan) Protein Shake


A vegan-friendly protein shake the whole planet can enjoy. Helping beginners, pros and gym bros achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals.




Our TR90 V-Shakes work for everybody.


Whether you’re an athlete, looking to build some muscle mass or even someone over 65 who needs a little help keeping up with the kids, we all need protein. Suitable for a vegan diet, and with the protein content our customers want, these shakes work for everybody.



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Our V-Shake Rules



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Each serving contains 19 grams of protein, sourced from pea and brown rice, and is lactose-free, gluten-free, and soy-free – fantastic for a high-protein snack, a pre-workout or post-workout supplement, or as part of a healthy breakfast. Not bad for a vegan protein shake.



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When we call these shakes ‘The Pro-Planet Protein’, it’s not just because we want everyone on the planet to enjoy it. We wanted to limit our impact on the environment, too. That’s why we chose plant-based proteins over animal, and why our packaging is industrially compostable.



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The most important part, right? Whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla, the V-Shakes taste great, either on their own or as part of a healthy recipe. Check out some of our suggestions down below!



Make them


No long names or weird numbers. Our ingredients list has just four things on it (or five, if you fancy chocolate), and not one of them is an artificial colour or preservative.


How does it work?



Mixing it is easy, too. You throw 25 grams of powder into 500 ml of water, and then you shake it around a bit – it’s even easier if you pick up the Pharmanex Shaker Bottle.



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Shake it ‘til you make it!



It begins with a balanced, protein-rich diet. It ends with your hard work. But we’re here to help! Discover all you need to get to work on your lifestyle or fitness goals.



Whether it’s for a competition, to impress that neighbour you really like, or just to feel more comfortable in your own body, proteins play an important role as they contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It’s essential to build a balanced diet that meets your unique individual needs and supplementing that diet with TR90 V-Shakes can help.




We’re here to help!



Discover your newest workout, indulge in some delicious recipes, benefit from some expert tips and tricks, or learn more about wellbeing and our Pharmanex range.



Beginners, pros, regular gym-goers – we all need protein as part of a balanced diet.



A guide for every goal


Build muscles, tone your body, or work away those pounds, all with TR90. Set your goal and download the guide to match!




How to build muscles naturally


Let's gets in shape


Let's lose those pounds!



Ready to shake things up?


There’s no time like the present – pick your flavour and get started on those fitness goals! We’re with you all the way.




TR90 V-Shake



TR90 V-Shake

Chocolate flavor


TR90 V-Shake

Vanilla flavor


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