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The ageLOC Difference


Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading scientists, the ageLOC science found in our devices and cosmetic products is a revolutionary approach that is influencing the way we appear to age.




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We’re all concerned by ageing


As time goes on, many of us are becoming more concerned by ageing than ever before.


We understand that how we live has an impact on how we look as we age, and we know that the visible signs of getting older can be concerning. That’s why we use our ageLOC science to create products that are designed specifically to tackle the visible signs of ageing at the source, giving YOU a little more control over the way you seem to age.




Why do we age?


To find the answer, Nu Skin is taking the science of anti-ageing to the next level by studying the human gene expression profile.


Working together with some of the world’s leading anti-ageing researchers, Nu Skin’s scientists have identified some groups of genes that are responsible for the visible signs of ageing; age-related super markers (or arSuperMarkers, as we call them). Our exclusive ageLOC science targets these ultimate sources of ageing to develop products that help you look and feel younger.

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How the Science works


This unique and proprietary approach to the science of ageing is based on the discovery of age-related super markers or - as Nu Skin calls them - “arSuperMarkers.”


Identifying these genes is just the first step – it’s also important to understand how their activity can impact the gene expression profile, and as a result, youthful-looking skin. Rebalancing this profile is a subtle process. It’s not so simple as switching them on or off – it’s a matter of turning some markers down, and ramping others up. Nu Skin’s ageLOC science works to get this balance right, creating new opportunities to support younger-looking skin.




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The ageLOC science in our devices and beauty products helps diminish the visible signs of skin ageing.




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