Janice Stella


Janice Stella

My Transformation Story

“It boosts my self confidence.
I love my body!”

At first, it was hard for me to adjust my meals. Especially I don’t eat much of my favorite food. As we all know, Filipinos are into sweets, salty and fried food. But I need this program for my good. And I realized it is not just for weight management but also health management. If you’re fit and healthy, you will have less back pain, joint pain and you can move your body easily.  I learned so much regarding my eating habits. I love my body! I can now dance easily, and it boosts my self-confidence as well. Thanks to Nu Skin.


Before: 15 Oct 2016    |     After: 22 Nov 2016

Total fat lost:


Total weight lost:

6.1 kg

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