Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions


1.     This ageLOC TR90 SUPERSTAR 2019 contest (“Contest”) is open to all Nu Skin Philippines (“Nu Skin”) Brand Affiliates who purchased 1 ageLOC TR90 System from Nu Skin Philippines from January 01 until November 15, 2019 (“Purchase”). Those who have won ageLOC TR90 Global Challenge, ageLOC TR90 Lose to Win 1, 2 and 3, ageLOC TR90 30-30-30 Challenge, ageLOC TR90 Superstars, ageLOC TR90 Superstars 2 and ageLOC TR90 Superstars 3 are not eligible to join this Contest.


2.     All interested participants should submit a clear copy of the Original Sales Invoice for the Purchase attached to a duly completed ageLOC TR90 SUPERSTAR 2019 Form and signed Consent Form. All interested participants may download these forms through the ageLOC TR90 SUPERSTARS Contest netexpress or from the website www.nuskin.com.ph. Only complete entries will be accepted. Nu Skin has the right to forfeit incomplete entries. Participant’s ageLOC TR90 Program must not exceed 90 days from stated Day 1.


3.     Deadline of submission of entry: December 15, 2019. All entries may be submitted personally to the Marketing Department, Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines LLC, 19th floor Octagon Center, Ortigas Pasig City from Mondays – Fridays between 9AM – 5PM only, or by email to agelocchallengeph@nuskin.com


4.     Criteria:

    a. Participants must submit a high resolution files of Before (DAY 0) and After (DAY 90) pictures as follows:

        o   Full body front view shot wearing gym attire (tight fitting clothes or spandex) with PLAIN WHITE BACKGROUND

        o   Full body side view shot wearing gym attire (tight fitting clothes or spandex) with PLAIN WHITE BACKGROUND

            *It is highly recommended to wear the same clothes for the photos in DAY 0 and DAY 90

        o   DAY 0 Body measurements:

                                  i.         body weight in kg

                                 ii.         body fat percent

                                iii.         waistline

                                iv.         skeletal muscle percent

    b. Weight loss in kilograms

    c. Fat loss in percentage

    d. Skeletal muscle improvement

    e. Waist circumference difference

    f. Overall difference after ageLOC TR90 Program

    g. ageLOC TR90 SUPERSTAR Testimonial story

    h. All product claims and product testimonials must be made in accordance with Nu Skin’s Product Testimonial Guidelines


5.     The Top 5 male and Top 5 female (“Finalists”) will be selected after December 16, 2019. From this set, 1 Mr. and 1 Ms. ageLOC TR90 SUPERSTAR will be chosen and will be awarded during the Nu Skin Philippine Convention on 2020. All 10 Finalists are entitled to join the ageLOC TR90 Parade as part of the Nu Skin Philippine Success Seminar 2020.


6.     Nu Skin reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, Contest prizes, and terminate or suspend the Contest in its sole discretion as it may see fit with or without prior notice.


7.     Nu Skin reserves the right to interpret these terms and conditions and decide on any questions or disputes arising under these terms and conditions. You agree that all such interpretations and decisions shall be final and conclusive. No enquiries, appeals, whether verbal or written, shall be entertained. You shall accept and abide by any and all decisions made by Nu Skin concerning, without limitation, these terms and conditions and any other matters relating to this Contest.


8. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Philippines.