Worldwide Collaborations

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Worldwide Collaborations

Over the years, Nu Skin has partnered with scientific institutions around the world to research and develop cutting-edge products and technologies.


Recently, Nu Skin acquired LifeGen Technologies, a company with more 30 years of studies on genetic research. Its fpunders have published more than 200 scientific papers.


LifeGen Technologies gives Nu Skin access to more than 30 years of research into the genetic basis of aging. LifeGen's pioneering research combined with Nu Skin's ongoing research will allow us to use this knowledge to develop innovative, proprietary products far into the future.


Our collaboration with LifeGen Technologies to weighs on anti-aging research that supports the product strategy to target the sources of aging. More specifically, this adds significant fuel to Nu Skin’s scientific engine with the exclusive advantage to continue to identify youth gene clusters and develop additional proprietary methods to reset gene activity to more youthful patterns.   

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