6As Advantages

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Nu Skin science is centered around six attributes that give the company its competitive advantage—what we call THE 6A ADVANTAGE.

1. Aging Gene Databank: Nu Skin has an exclusive gene database that analyzes 25,000 genes to understand where they are located and identify their behavior over time.


2. Assets: Nu Skin owns 14 patents to protect its products, innovations, and trade secrets.


3. Academic All-Stars: No other company has the number of experienced scientists that we have on our Scientific Advisory Board. We have acquired LifeGen Technologies, which gives us access to a vast database of a gene databank with more than 30 years of studies.


4. ageLOC Algorithm: Nu Skin has implemented an important scientific process and new way to look at anti-aging through genetic research. We can identify, target, and reset Youth Gene Clusters to target the ultimate sources of aging.


5. ARMs: We look at multiple genes to identify those that promote youthfulness and we turn them up, while turning down the genes that accelerate aging. We can reset Youth Gene Clusters with Aging Response Modulator (ARM) products.


6. Array of Expertise: We dominate the anti-aging industry with brilliant, experienced scientists who are experts in a variety of fields. 


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