Raymond Chia & Wendy Kea

Raymond Chia &
Wendy Kea

Team Elite 3 Years

“When there is a will, there is a way.”            —Raymond

“There is no trying. There is only doing or not doing.” — Wendy Kea

Raymond Chia & Wendy Kea

Ever taken a six-month sabbatical on a meditative retreat to ease your mind and relax your body? The real question is, can you afford to do that without worrying about your income or who might take over your job upon your return? Not Wendy. She went on a half-year journey of total relaxation in Myanmar with all her bills paid for and no worry that she could be replaced. That is the real change experienced by Wendy Kea and Raymond Chia after taking up the Nu Skin Enterprises business opportunity and working hard at it.

Passive income has always been the ideal financial state that both husband and wife seek. It was no different for Wendy and Raymond, whose careers led them to the field of insurance. “I was previously a Manager of an insurance agency for more than 10 years. Wendy was my agent for about 8 years before we both decided to quit and join Nu Skin Enterprises full-time. While a life insurance policy we sold could provide renewal income for up to 5 years, the payout thins out and stops, but we continue to service a client for life. That's not passive income, that's minimal wage! Unlike in insurance, everything we build is accumulative in the Nu Skin Enterprises business,” Raymond shared of what caught his attention about the multi-level marketing business when the couple were first introduced to the opportunity through their upline, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years Angela, in 2001.

“Initially, we faced a lot of rejections because people think that MLM is illegitimate. But today, people are more educated about the legalities of the industry and so, it is easier to talk to prospects. The problem now is identifying who is hungry enough to want success,” Wendy added. Over the years, the couple has honed their skills in identifying potential business partners from valued listeners, and that has been vital to their efforts in achieving greater success in this business.

This spousal collaboration believes that success in this business comes from the heart, “For people who want to succeed in this business, they must have the heart to help improve the life, beauty, or health of a person. The more people you continue to help through Nu Skin Enterprises, the more freedom you’ll experience.” And this pair of Blue Diamond Executives is grateful to 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho, and 1 Million Dollar Circle member & Team Elite 1 Year, Ong Gee, for having the heart to help them succeed in this business, and in life.