Carelink One International

Carelink One International

Team Elite 1 Year

"If one can help others to achieve their financial goals and in the process, become a force for good around the world, it is then a most ideal and fulfilling job" - Helen Ng

Carelink One International

This mother and son team have been searching for an opportunity to lead them to success in the quickest time and that was when they found the Nu Skin business. Dennis though only 25 years old, realised that one only has a certain number of years to attain success and so started his search for opportunities to leverage himself to financial freedom. Helen also wanted to search for a good business opportunity to achieve her dreams and the duo both realised that with traditional business, even after one has put in a lot of time, huge capital and risk, the end results do not let them enjoy the lifestyle of freedom that they want.

This mother and son duo however had their initial reservations about network marketing, especially Dennis who was skeptical initially. Thus Dennis decided to do more research. He analysed the company culture and background in depth, their products and the company's future growth potential. What he found greatly boosted his confidence and conviction. Both found that Nu Skin is a huge business opportunity that will allow them to expand their business internationally by leveraging off the company's proven stability and rapid growth. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that they could not reject.

Likewise with other businesses, the Nu Skin business was not all easy and smooth going. There were obstacles and barriers that seemed determined to shake the pair off their route. One of their biggest challenges was to face rejections from many people. Many people have a phobia when it comes to network marketing related business and had a negative connotation linked to these types of businesses. However the pair refused to let this get in their way. Dennis explains by saying that as long as one builds relations with these people and enable them to understand step by step the opportunities available to them, this obstacle can be overcome.

Helen had her own strategy too. She adds that she always ensures that she finds out what are people's needs and then provide them a solution to fulfilling their needs faster. Armed with a sincere and humble approach, she has convinced many to put aside their skepticism and join her in this business.

Not one to forget any favours that they have received, this down to earth duo are immensely grateful to their uplines for giving them constant encouragement whenever they felt dejected and for providing them with a proven system of success so that they too would be able to succeed. Both mother and son have decided that the only way to show their appreciation is to reach the pinnacle of the business. Helen adds that her target is to help her downlines become Blue Diamond Executives and attain success because their success is her pride and accomplishment.

This Nu Skin opportunity has led Dennis and Helen to gain financial freedom and time in an amazingly short span of time. Most importantly, they are able to help others with the Force for Good Foundation and contribute back to society. One of Dennis' motto is 'Always plan to succeed, believe in your dreams, the vehicle you have chosen and do not let anyone steal that from you'. Indeed both Dennis and Helen will soon be able to fulfill their dream of travelling the world with their loved ones and enjoy the fruits of their labour.