Apsis Global Network

Susan Tan,
Nelson Sng
& Lena Teh

Team Elite 1 Year

"We started the business with different reasons but our paths converge towards a common vision and value."

Susan Tan, Nelson Sng & Lena Teh

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. This is more than just good skincare advice, but an analogy of the synergy that encircles this trio of Blue Diamond Executives - Susan, Nelson and Lena; each performing a specific function, yet coming together to create a resounding success that lustre with their perfect harmony. Here is the power of three personified.


"Our success formula is very simple. Just follow the footsteps of those who have already succeeded in the business, learn and cooperate with our leaders. Never give up on what you set out to accomplish and achieve and it will become a reality. As for people who are new to the business, remember that whenever you share the business opportunity with your friends, some will join you, some will not. But it does not matter because we are looking for people who see the same vision and are willing to cooperate with us," Susan shares from her experience.


With a deeply rooted sense of responsibility towards their downlines, this trio constantly attends courses and trainings to upgrade their knowledge and skills. However, that's not to say that they don't encounter rejections even after 3 years in the Nu Skin business. "We do not view rejections as negative. In fact, every rejection is a question in disguise. However, we notice that many people do not believe in themselves and are not willing to put in the initial effort in the business even though they know that it has great potential. Of course there are many people who still think that this business is all about just selling!"


"We believe in team work and synergy in order to go far in the business. Many people fail to recognize the power of leveraging in the multi-level marketing business model. They would rather put in 100% of their own effort than to have 100 people each putting in 1% effort to achieve the same results."


With Nu Skin, one gets not only financial freedom but also enjoy a whole lot of intrinsic satisfaction by participating in the company's charitable crusade and 'being a Force For Good throughout the world'. It's a business that works the mind, uses the heart, and touches the soul.


Recounting their blessings, these three new Blue Diamond Executives would like to thank their leaders, Team Elites & Millionaire Circle Members Vera Waters, Benny Chung and Jacqueline Chang, Team Elites Lily Lo and Spencer Choy, Blue Diamonds Mindy Ngan and Raymond Wong for "believing in us and never giving up on us." Combined with their seamless partnership, Susan, Nelson and Lena believe that, "achieving the Blue Diamond title proves that this business works. We are now ready to help our downlines achieve greater success in the business. Let's all work together to soar to greater heights in the Nu Skin business!"