Chloe Soo Gim Hui

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Chloe Soo Gim Hui

"Ordinary things done consistently will produce extraordinary results!"

Chloe Soo Gim Hui

“Sorry, but I’m a professional. Sales is not my cup of tea.” That was what Chloe said to her ex-classmate, Sam Wang, when he introduced the Nu Skin opportunity to her. A trainee physiotherapist at that time, she was certain that being a professional will help her attain her dreams and help many others in the process. But after several work attachments, she realised that she wasn’t getting nearer to her dreams. She faced the dilemma of continuing on with her profession or look for alternatives.

While at her career crossroads, she received news that Sam Wang had attained Blue Diamond Executive status!  That changed her life forever. She asked herself, “If Sam, at the age of 21, can achieve this title and allow his parents to lead a comfortable life, why not me?” With that thought, she joined him after a business presentation by Team Elite 1 Year, Carine Ong. Chloe realized that Nu Skin is not about doing sales, but building assets and expanding your network through the help of teamwork.

Chloe recalled that when she first started out in the business, the odds were stacked against her. She was in the final year of her studies, had no extensive network and no financial backup. To top it off, her entire family was against her idea of going into Multi-Level-Marketing.

Thankfully, she had great help and support from a group of uplines. Initially, Chloe was in the Nu Skin business part-time, but her income had already surpassed that of full-fledged physiotherapist. Recognising the potential, she went full-time straight after her graduation. But with no prior working experience, Chloe learnt everything from scratch.

“From the skills of prospecting to building good personal relationships, my uplines were always so patient in coaching me. All I needed to do was practice. Ordinary things done consistently will produce extraordinary results!” And her consistency paid off after just two years. She shines now as Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s newest Blue Diamond Executive at age 24.

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