Team Elite

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Team Elite

Achieving the title of Team Elite is the pinnacle of Nu Skin success for our distributors and you become a member of the exclusive club of Nu Skin’s top global leaders. Upon achieving the title of Team Elite, your success is celebrated at all corporate events. You will receive your Nu Skin Team Elite Pin, a special certificate and Team Elite award. Your achievement is celebrated during a Team Elite Awards Night and Gala at the Global Convention and you now become part of the coveted Wall of Fame at the Nu Skin corporate headquarters in Provo, Utah, USA. Upon achieving your fifth year as Team Elite, we will unveil your “Star” on the Nu Skin Walk of Fame at the Nu Skin corporate headquarters. Your recognition will also be published and announced via the corporate websites.


Each year you achieve the title of Team Elite, you and Team Elites worldwide enjoy an all-expenses-paid Team Elite trip to various destinations around the world together with our Nu Skin Founders and top corporate executives.


Team Elites play important roles in Nu Skin’s market growth and success. Local and regional corporate management and your Nu Skin Sales Manager will continue to provide support as you expand your business globally. You will have access to a personalized online Navigator tool to provide ease and convenience to track your business any time, anywhere.


Qualify for the Wealth Maximizer where you will earn the Extra Executive Bonus (5%) plus the Double G1 (10%) when you reach 3000 GSV or the Breakaway Executive Bonus on your G1s–G6s.*