Step 2


How to qualify as an Executive:


1. Submit your Letter of Intent (LOI) on the month you want to start your Executive qualification.


2. Beginning from your LOI month, accumulate 6000GSV within 6 months.*


3. Maintain a minimum of 100PSV and 1000GSV per month during your executive qualification period.


4. Enroll your personal ARO of a minimum of 50PSV or 1 month of supply of LifePak


* Subject to change



Once you become an Executive,


1. Upon completion of LOI, Executive must maintain a minimum of 100PSV and 2000GSV to be

    eligible for bonuses.


2. Executive must also maintain a personal ARO* to be eligible for bonuses.


3. Executive's 100 PSV counts to upline Executives.**


4. Executive is entitled to one Grace Month in every 12 months.


* Personal ARO is equivalent to minimum 50 PSV or 1 month LifePak.

**This rule is applicable to Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei/Indonesia Executives only.Subject to change.







* Extra EB of 5% is paid to all active Executives paid on the VOLUME Maximizer.

* Executive Bonus and Extra Executive Bonuses are not paid during a Grace Month.






New Executives earn a share of Southeast Asia commissionable sales through the New Executive Bonus Pool. This Bonus Pool incorporates monthly commissionable sales volume from Thialand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. This Bonus Pool will be paid to all new Executive within the 1st 6 months.*


Shares will be awarded for achieving the following milestones.


* New Executives must attend LOI training during the Executive qualification period in order to

   participant in the Bonus Pool.

* Bonus will be paid to new Executive level accounts only.

* Executives must maintain in each month the requisite Executive volume in order to be continuously

   eligible for the Bonus Pool up to 6 months.


* Mechanics may change.