One Nu Skin Policy


We would like to congratulate all our awardees that will be recognized during the upcoming Nu Skin Success Seminar this month! Your achievements are a testament to your hard work and we look forward to seeing you onstage.


As such, we would like to take this time to remind everyone of the One Nu Skin Policy. Only by encouraging and celebrating success can we continue to have success in Nu Skin.


Behaviors that perpetuate success through the “One Nu Skin” spirit –


  1. Lead your downlines to understand that the Company’s event is to:
    1. Reinforce the culture and values of Nu Skin as a Force for Good throughout the world.
    2. Celebrate and recognize success of ALL achievers on stage, regardless of which group(s) they come from.
  2. The most important guiding principle in all Company events:  participate passionately, respect all others in the event, and do not disrupt or offend others.
  3. Applaud for everyone being recognized, as you would like to be applauded when you are on stage.  Make the event an outstanding success, a memorable one that will inspire others.
  4. Use only Company-produced celebration items to portray a united Company image.
  5. When you are being recognized on stage, please remember that your speeches should inspire and encourage all distributors in the audience – regardless of which group they belong to.  Please thank your uplines, downlines, and sidelines (all of whom are critical in your success) as well as the company and encourage participants of all groups to push towards accomplishing their own dreams in the business and to strive to embody the “One Nu Skin” spirit.  Teach your downline to do the same when they are recognized.
  6. Be aware of your actions as YOU are the Company.  Your behavior is a representation of who the Company is.
  7. Please wear Nu Skin award pins at all recognition occasions, such as when taking recognition photos, receiving awards on the stage, giving speeches at the company arranged events, and participating in the filming for company videos or by the company.
  8. Please encourage your downlines to dress properly and professionally in attending all Company events.  If you will be recognized as an Executive Brand Director or above on stage, we encourage you to wear formal attire.


Behaviors that do not advocate the “One Nu Skin” spirit and are not supported by the Company –


  1. Please do not use any slogans and sayings that intentionally creates group identity
  2. Please do not bring banners, whistles, balloons, air horns, flags or other noisemakers which would portray group identity to any Company event.
  3. Please do not wear any group identities (group pins) and show any group gestures when taking formal recognition pictures that will be used at the Hall of Fame and the Nu Skin magazine.  
  4. When attending Nu Skin events, please do not wear any uniform or hold any objects that are created especially for the event to trigger group competition unless that dress code and objects are worn every day. In other words, distributors may wear their own group pins if the pins have been worn every day. Group gesture is also allowed except on the recognition photos.
  5. Please do not mention and show group names, logos and slogans at any Nu Skin events including the Success Seminars, conventions, recognition magazines, and company arranged media interviews.
  6. Please do not use party poppers or any flammable celebratory items.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Success Summit this March!