2019 Brand Affiliate Compensation Summary


Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (together with its affiliates, the “Company”) is a global direct selling company that currently operates in almost 50 markets and sells its products through a network of Independent Brand Affiliates. In SE Asia, the Company operates in 7 markets1.


The purpose of this document is to provide accurate and straightforward information regarding sales compensation paid to Brand Affiliates by the Company. The table below sets forth detailed information concerning sales compensation paid to Brand Affiliates registered in SE ASIA markets in 20192.


Generating sales compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  This is not a get rich quick program and there are no guarantees of financial success. 


2019 Brand Affiliate Sales Compensation in SE ASIA (all amounts in USD).


Monthly Average Sales Compensation Income at Each Level3
Average Percentage of Active Brand Affiliates4
Average Percentage of Brand Representative and above level Brand Affiliates
Active Brand Affiliate Receiving Commissions (Non-Brand Representative) 29 8.06% n/a
Qualifying Brand Representative 86 2.52% n/a
Provisional Executive5 70 0.04% n/a
Brand Representative 428 2.47% 55.64%
Brand Partner 734 0.80% 18.01%
Senior Brand Partner 1,264 0.57% 12.84%
Executive Brand Partner 1,573 0.23% 5.21%
Brand Director 3,198 0.22% 4.84%
Senior Brand Director 6,398 0.08% 1.71%
Executive Brand Director 24,189 0.08% 1.76%

The average number of active Brand Affiliates each month in SE ASIA was 161,325.  On a monthly basis, an average of approximately 24,311 Brand Affiliates, or 15.1% of the active Brand Affiliates in SE ASIA earned a commission payment.



The SE ASIA Brand Affiliate Compensation Summary may not accurately reflect market specific results within the SE ASIA region1. For more information on the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact Nu Skin Philippines by email 48hr_reply_phils@nuskin.com or by phone 88NUSKIN (+63-8868-7546). The Sales Compensation Plan is available online here: nuskin.com.ph.”:

[1] Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.

[2] The table only includes Brand Affiliates who qualify to receive sales compensation. Brand Affiliates who only purchase products for personal use do not qualify to receive sales compensation and hence, they are not included in the table.

[3] Note that these figures do not represent a Brand Affiliate’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by a Brand Affiliate in the promotion of his/her business and they do not include retail markup income.

[4] An “active” Brand Affiliate is defined as any Brand Affiliate who either made a personal purchase, sponsored another account, or received a Sharing Bonus during the most recent three-month period.

[5] Provisional Executive’ was an official title used by Nu Skin prior to the implementation of Velocity and is no longer part of the Sales Performance Plan.


The 2019 SE ASIA Sales Compensation Summary cannot be distributed or referenced within Vietnam.