JP & Cielo Villegas

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JP & Cielo Villegas

"There are many families who are striving to build a better future and Nu Skin can just be the answer to their prayers. Together, Let’s BE the Difference Demonstrated!"

JP & Cielo Villegas


Right after finishing a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy, JP was prompted by his family to move to the USA and pursue his OT Career. However, the lifestyle of an employee did not appeal to him. He knew that most people who live a privileged lifestyle are entrepreneurs. It was then that his friend and mentor, Gen Woo, introduced the Nu Skin opportunity to him. He, however, struggled with a crossroad in his life - “Either I work as an OT in the States with a starting paycheck of P350,000 per month, or stay in the Philippines and make about P25,000 per month doing face-lifts. It was a tough decision but my mentors assured me that if I stick it out in the business, I could have both the TIME and FINANCIAL freedom that I’ve always wanted. It was just going to be a matter of time.”


As JP was growing up, he was linguistically challenged. In grade school, he was the main attraction of teasing and embarrassment among his classmates and even teachers. It was a very painful time for him because he literally couldn’t express himself. It was just like “trying to make the lame walk”. It was that difficult. His prayer everyday was that he would not be humiliated on that particular day. This period in his life eventually became a major reason for him to doubt himself, his family, and even God. He was  frustrated with the thought that he most likely would be limited to a career that would not require any speaking.


His greatest affirmation came from his parents--they believed that he had great potential and that God had bigger plans for his life. They believed that there was a purpose behind everything. Because of this hope, he would pray each day that he would be able to speak normally. Then one day, God answered his prayer through the Nu Skin opportunity.


It was through the business that he gained confidence in himself and the ability to communicate effectively. Nobody would have ever thought that his disability would turn out to be his greatest asset. Nu Skin has expanded his personal growth so much to the point that he now leads one of the largest organizations in the country and has expanded his business to over 18 countries.


After a few years of building his business, he eventually met his beautiful wife, Cielo, an accomplished events planner who happened to be a distributor in his organization. Together, they went full throttle in the business. She has become his #1 supporter and cheerleader-- the best gift JP could ever ask for.


She believes that the Nu Skin business has allowed them to do what they are purposed to do -“Nu Skin is a wonderful blessing to our family. It’s through this business that we can achieve not only the tangible things but most importantly the intangibles things in life. For JP and me, the priority is building wonderful memories with our two lovely children, together with all our extended families and living a purposeful life by being very much involved in ministry. That, for us, is the most precious thing in life.”


Through this business, they were able to stage their memorable proposal and dream wedding at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa. They are continuously building wonderful memories with their kids and family while they venture out to different parts of the world--from enjoying adventures in amusement parks, experiencing new insights in real space shuttles in the NASA Space Centre in Houston Texas, visiting the Mayan ruins in Mexico, and being thrillingly blown away by helicopter rides around volcanoes in Hawaii, just to name a few.


As a couple , they have nourished their marriage by traveling around Asia and Exploring Europe -savoring Italian food and history in Rome, catching up with friends in London, relishing gondola rides in Venice, adoring shopping in Florence, and delighting the endless romantic dinners in Paris. But more than that, what truly motivates them is the fact that they are becoming a channel of God’s blessings. From the very start of their marriage, they have always wanted to inspire young couples and professionals to live purposeful lives. At present, they are now seeing the fruit of that passion through the young adults ministry in their church.



JP was also able to support his cousins through college and was able to bless multitudes through his support for missions in Southeast Asia and feeding outreaches in Mindanao. “Giving back to my parents means so much to me, as they have given their all to serve the Lord as missionaries. I was able to bless them with an SUV, and I have been supporting their ministry in global missions.“


“As we all strive for our dreams, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. You could either look at the roadblocks as obstacles, or you can look at it as stepping stones for success. It is when you’re faced with challenges and obstacles that you are given the opportunity to be bitter or be better. Choose to be better. Embrace the challenges. They will give you the ability to expand your character and become the person God has purposed you to be.


The bigger the challenges you face, the greater the molding of your character. The greater the character, the greater the influence you will have in life.


Through a challenging moment in my life, My dad reminded me ‘Just like a kite, the stronger the winds, the higher you fly.’ So, be encouraged… the strong winds are instrumental for you to soar higher so you can see better and so you can lift other people higher.


We are so amazed how the Lord has promoted us and poured His abundance in all aspects- financially, physically, spiritually, wealth of family, friends and business partners. We realized that as you take care of Gods business, He in turn takes care of your business.


This milestone is truly a demonstration of God’s goodness in our lives. God gives us the ability to create wealth, and all these things would not be possible had I not been blessed with a wonderful opportunity such as Nu Skin.


There are many families who are striving to build a better future and Nu Skin can just be the answer to their prayers. Together, Let’s BE the Difference Demonstrated!

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