Sandy Martinez

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Sandy Martinez

"The pursuit of success must not compromise your values, to prioritize significance over personal success. In the end, character always shows up in the results.”

Sandy Martinez


Before joining the NSE business, Sandy worked as VP for merchandising/purchasing for their family-owned department store. A natural bargain hunter and a skeptic, the work suited him well. “I used to think that network marketing was a short-term ‘get rich quick scheme’ since that’s what I saw mostly in the country.” Sandy admits.

“While I was in Canada studying, I was invited to a non-Nu Skin business seminar where I met an old family friend who was very successful. It got me curious to take a closer look.” Unfortunately, Sandy later found out that there were a lot of limitations that made it less lucrative so he didn’t join.

This lead Sandy to the possibilities the industry offered. He wondered, “What if it was true? Or what if I started my own company instead?” He researched and saw that the MLM industry was going to be the next big thing and be with the company that was ahead of the pack.

When Sandy saw the NSE business, he was greatly impressed with the stability of the company. “The products of the company, especially that in Pharmanex, really got me hooked since they were the only products that ever had third party validation on their claims and was really doing their scientific homework,” Sandy enthused. “I definitely saw myself and my family benefiting from these products, since I’d lost my dad to cancer when I was 2.”


“I thought that this business was going to be easy when I started. A lot of people told me the market was already saturated,” Sandy continued. “It’s a good thing that I had done my due diligence to know the facts from opinion.” The Nu Skin business was a shortcut to what he was looking for – FREEDOM."


Sandy grew up in a family where everyone was busy. His mother – who also served as father –looked after the business and her 6 children. Sandy appreciated her efforts and realized that if he would want to have more time with his future family, he would have to find a business that offered him leverage.

With Nu Skin, he saw the opportunity to work 5-10 years instead of 50 years. He found a vehicle to build wealth through his own sweat and creativity. “Through Nu Skin, I completely paid off a 750,000 peso debt, only within a year of doing the business part time! By the time I was done, I was already enjoying a six figure monthly income. I had no idea that the business can become so big.” Sandy has since traveled to several continents and does business in over 9 countries. “Meeting true friends I wouldn’t have otherwise known in this lifetime, is truly priceless!” Sandy declares.

“I’m forever grateful to my uplines for introducing me to this business that has ultimately changed my life. However, I realized that the journey to the top wasn’t easy. Many people think that you only need to find people, throw them against the wall and hope they stick. I don’t agree with this because it hurts me to see hopeful people give up on their dreams simply because they didn’t receive quality support. I believe that people have the capacity to become leaders given the right guidance. I realized that my greatest joy in this business is in seeing my downlines succeed and realize their dreams more than mine. Being the first was never my priority.”


It became Sandy’s mission to create the right model to empower ordinary distributors and give them a real chance at success. Today, the group has produced more than 20 local millionaires and creates leaders exponentially.

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Sandy's guide to success:

1.) You don’t have to be the first to be the best.
2.) Successful people do things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do,
so they will get in life what the unsuccessful people won’t.
3.) A decision to make success your only option makes success inevitable.



“It is our vision that soon, Filipinos may no longer have to leave their families and export labor. Through this business, we can help them to be the best professionals in the network marketing industry. I believe that given the right approach, the Filipino has a shot at being number 1 in this dynamic industry. And with God’s blessing we will lead this country upwards.”


“I believe its sincerity and integrity. The pursuit of success must not compromise your values, to prioritize significance over personal success. In the end, character always shows up in the results. Glory and honor to God who gives us the talents and wisdom to excel and be channels of His blessings. This has truly been a worthwhile and meaningful chapter of my life. Thank you, Nu Skin Enterprises. This business truly ADDS LIFE TO YOUR YEARS. If I have to live my life all over again, I would pray that I will still find this business.”


*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or email us at


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