Rhea Horrilleno-Gudani

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Rhea Horrilleno-Gudani

"There is no special secret to becoming successful in Nu Skin, the only secret is YOU."

Rhea Horrilleno - Gudani

Rhea Horilleno first wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon, after finishing a degree in Medical Technology. However, an unfortunate family tragedy became the reason for her to stop school, which led her to forget her dream. But it was not long after that when she found an opportunity to change the course of her life.

During a family gathering in the USA, her cousin JP mentioned the Nu Skin business opportunity to her. Rhea was already familiar with the products since her family had been using it long before, but she just couldn’t see herself lugging bottles to support herself through med school.

After her cousin persistently convinced her to give the business a try, Rhea relented. She saw how simple it was to reach the Blue Diamond status her cousin talked about: she just had to use the products, love it, and share the business opportunity. While Rhea did the business on a part time basis, she still did not lose sight of her dream to be a cosmetic surgeon. But she promised herself, “I will be a Blue Diamond.”

Rhea felt the first weeks were a breeze because her cousin JP was there to assist her. And as she earned more than she expected, her dream of being a cosmetic surgeon took a back seat. However, when she went full time on the business, JP had to leave for Cebu. It was then that she realized that doing the business also posed some challenges. Nevertheless, Rhea focused and worked harder than before. “You should decide to make Nu Skin your one and only option to wealth and a privileged lifestyle,” she says. “With that in mind, you will have no time for negativity or distractions.”

The lady says she has realized that there is no secret to being successful in Nu Skin. “The only secret is YOU. You are your greatest asset in making things happen! Choice is our greatest power. It is not by chance but by choice that we get to a better future. Couple it with faith and divine providence, success will just come naturally.”




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