Paolo Angelo Ebora

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Paolo Angelo Ebora

"When you believe that you deserve the best things life could offer; and you’re convinced that you’ve found the best vehicle, the path becomes clear."

Paolo Angelo Ebora

“Seven” -- If I would be making a movie about my Nu Skin journey, this would probably be the title. The number practically sums up my time with Nu Skin thus far; as well as most of my failures and my accomplishments. It was one heck of a ride and I will not trade these years for anything. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. But then again, it was all worth it; and the best thing about it, it’s just the beginning.

Seven Years. I’m currently 26 years old, and yes, I’m the Philippines’ youngest Blue Diamond as of late. I started the business when I was 19 years old, a junior college student of Ateneo de Manila, one of the country’s premiere universities. To be honest, I knew nothing about business, nor do I have any concrete plan of being my own boss. I was immersed in the performing arts back then and at the same time I was convinced that climbing the corporate ladder is the way to go for someone like me. Yes, I was passionate about my craft (I still am) yet I already understood that it won’t get me to my financial and life goals. I already accepted, at a young age, the harsh reality—that I would need to give up what I want to do for what I need to do. Actually, the concept wasn’t really alien to me. My parents are both OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers)—my mom is a nurse in Saudi Arabia and my dad, an engineer in Australia—so I basically grew up not living with them and only seeing them once or twice a year. They had to sacrifice their time with me so they can give me a good life. Though I perfectly understood the situation; I also clearly did not want that for myself in the future. 

So when I saw the business through my batchmate in college, it made sense to me; and though I didn’t have the capital to start at first, I found a way. I saw the business as a way for me to have the best of both worlds—to be able to be financially successful, while at the same time, having the ability to pursue my passion, or whatever it is that I want to do with my life. Little did I know that that simple “Yes” to my friend would lead me to a whole new world of possibilities, an array of experiences that would not only test my character, but also shape the kind of man I would be.

Seven LOIs. I’ve always been an achiever. My colleagues in school know me as like a “Jack-of-all-Trades”. I’m a people person, I excel in different fields, and though I may appear to be lax in terms of studies, I’ve always managed still to get high grades. However, all these didn’t exempt me from all the obstacles and heartaches that I was bound to face.


It took me 2 years to become an executive. I failed LOI seven times. There was even a time that I was very close to hitting it already, yet I failed still. It was totally heartbreaking. And that’s not all. Even after hitting executiveship, actually even after hitting Ruby, I still experienced a lot of failures. My business has gone from a series of ups and downs. I’ve lost good people. I’ve lost a lot of opportunities. I’ve lost so many times I can hardly recall all of them. However, these experiences, instead of discouraging me from continuing, actually strengthened me and made me discover what I needed to improve. They made me see how much work I have to put in in order to get to my desired results. They tested my character, as well as my drive, and how bad I want success. Thank God, that though I may have a lost a lot; I never lost this one single thing—my fighting spirit.


Seven Million and more. Because of the amazing program which we call LTO, I’m about to earn my seventh million (in Philippine pesos) in the business. It’s not really big and astounding, as compared to our friends from other countries. But for me, it’s already a big thing considering I’m only 26 and that the momentum just started to happen last 2013. It may have taken me 4 years to hit one million pesos in total commissions; but through LTO, I’ve made my first million pesos in one month. Not bad. Haha!


God has blessed me tremendously through this opportunity. Aside from earning really good income at a young age, while having control of my own time, I’m also able to bless my family financially. I bought my very first car at the age of 25, a top of the line black Toyota Corolla Altis. I was able to buy my first condominium as well. In addition, I’ve gone to several countries as well, sometimes free of charge (thanks to Nu Skin): Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Bali and the United States. Travelling with friends (without having to ask my parents for financial support) has indeed been very liberating and the memories i create will stay with me forever. The best part about all these: the fact that i was able to achieve these things means that I have also grown as a leader, as a person, and that i was able to positively impact a lot of people through my business; not to mention, establish lasting friendships that go beyond this business.


Of course, none of these wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t get to understand these three powerful concepts: Vision, Persistence and Teamwork. These three have, I can say, built my business to become what it is right now.

Vision. For me, to have Vision is to know clearly where you’re heading and what you want to happen in your business, and in your life. You see, I’ve always believed that I deserve the best life possible, and that God wills me to be prosperous so I could further glorify Him. I firmly believe that. So when I finally understood the Nu Skin opportunity, I found a match. I was very well convinced that indeed this business can get me there. And when you believe that you deserve the best things life could oer; and you’re convinced that you’ve found the best vehicle, the path becomes clear. It became clear to me how big a business I want to build; the kind of leaders I want to attract and develop; the amount of hard work I need to put in; and the kind of leader I need to be. I learned to say YES to the things that will get me there and NO to the things that won’t. And since my team “bought” me as their leader, they also bought in to my vision. And that made all the difference.


Persistence. They say Persistence is when Commitment meets Stubbornness. I believe that’s just what happened to me. I became successful because I REFUSED to give up. I refused to believe, amidst all negativity, that this business isn’t for me. In fact I believe I’m the only one capable in making THIS for me. I became so convinced that there will always be better days; and yes, even in those darkest hours. I was able to convince myself that all hardships are there for a purpose and they’re all temporary. And if I quit, all my previous efforts would be wasted.


Teamwork. Lastly, and most importantly, I never could’ve achieved this alone. I knew that from the start that’s why I always have put utmost value in teamwork. I desired to create a culture that recognizes the value of ownership, camaraderie, fun, synergy and respect. I made sure I get to build deep relationships with my key people, forging strong bonds that transcends business. I shared my vision to my team and I wasn’t afraid to ask for their help. They knew I need them as much as they need me. My group became a family that worked together as one. And with that kind of solidarity, I knew nothing was impossible.


At the end of the day, Nu Skin has been a big blessing to my life. I thank the Lord Almighty for leading me here. I thank my mentors for guiding me. I thank my family for always being there. And last but not the least, I thank and I share this victory to my team whom I treasure so much. They have made me stronger. It is because of them that I have strived to be the best leader I can be. They have made me “crazier”—crazy to dream this high and this BIG. But hey, according to Apple’s Steve Jobs, it’s those crazy ones that actually change the world. And for us, we are changing the world, at least one business partner at a time. Oh and WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. To God be all the glory!:) #teamworkwinschampionships


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