Kathleen Dacera-Agustin

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Kathleen Dacera - Agustin

"I don't think anyone can become successful just casually wanting to become one—one has to be hungry for it, one has to want it bad enough."

Kathleen Dacera - Agustin


I was one of those kids who grew up really valuing education because even when we were kids our parents would always tell us, “Anak mag-aral kayo ng mabuti ni ate ha kase edukasyon lang ang mapapamana namin sa inyo ni papa” (Study hard, because that’s the only treasure we can leave you).  So study I did. I graduated with very high honors from University of the Philippines Diliman (UP). In UP, we have what we call Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. It's a purely invitational organization that includes the top 5% of the graduating class as well as the top 5% of other prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, etc.  I was part of that organization. I was also granted scholarships out of the country and studied Economics for a year in Nihon University at Tokyo, Japan.


I took school very seriously because I wasn’t born to a wealthy family. I was born, raised and lived for more than 25 years in a squatters area inside Metropolitan Works and Sewerage System (MWSS) called Kaingin 1.  Both my parents came from big families in remote areas in Mindanao.  I learned dreaming of bigger things from both of them. My older sister was born in Mindanao and when she was born my father wanted better things for our family so he went to Manila to work. He found his first job as a plumber in MWSS and that was when my mother and my sister moved to Manila. I was blessed with very hardworking parents. We didn’t have lot but we always had enough. Growing up I simply wanted a “gated” home with an address with a “number” and a “street name” because where we came from everyone had the same address.  Almost everyone knew everyone. When I was a kid, there were toys I would see on TV that I wanted so badly but I couldn’t have because my parents had other priorities than buying expensive toys. In high school, when I was first granted a scholarship out of the country to Tokyo, I saw a city more beautiful than Manila and ever since then I have always dreamed of taking my parents to other places so that they too could see the beautiful and amazing places I was seeing. There are so many more stories that still make me cry until now whenever I think about them—you’ll always feel some pain in your heart when you see your parents doing so much and still not getting everything they wanted for their family. But I guess God always uses our pain to push us to great success.


After graduation, I didn’t have any trouble looking for work. I was hired as one of the youngest Risk Officers of Chinabank. I was with the bank when I saw Nu Skin. I had to see it a couple of times before I finally decided to take the risk of doing it. I initially did it part time. I had a 3 year contract with the bank with a bond of 150,000 pesos that I had to pay if I don't complete my contract. After committing to the business for a little more than a year, I decided to pay off my bond, leave my career for good, and do the business full time.


Five years since I made the decision to do the business and commit to it, my life has seen an avalanche of blessing.


One of my favorite blessing is that I get to start traveling the world at a very young age: I already climbed and walked through the Great Wall of China, been inside Opera House in Sydney, we’ve beach hopped in Hawaii, we’ve gambled in Las Vegas, we’ve cruised along the beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam, we took a helicopter ride to the rim of the Grand Canyon in Nevada—it was one of the most amazing view that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. One of my unforgettable travels was my parent’s first trip out of the country to Singapore.  Months before the actual trip, my mother was so excited she kept asking me what the weather was like in Singapore, I think she was all packed a month before the trip! More than all the great experiences we’ve had on that trip, what I absolutely couldn’t forget is the happiness and excitement in my parents’ eyes even when we were still in the airport! That happiness and excitement stayed with them long after the trip. My parents are very simple people, sending their kids to college was such a fulfillment for them. I made a promise that they would get to go out of the country at least once a year and it makes me happy seeing them excited as the year starts because of that promise.  To see them start dreaming again and look forward to what the future holds—that’s priceless.




I’m also a new mom to a 5 month old baby boy, Zachary Ethan. At that age already, he already had his first trip out of the country.  I am forever grateful to God for leading me to this business because I know that nothing but the best life awaits my son.


In this business, I wake up every morning thinking of who I would be able to bless. I’m still in constant awe of Nu Skin. I just couldn’t think of an even better way to make a fortune than this—that while you’re chasing after your dreams and working hard for it, you bless thousands more along the way.


I don't think anyone can become successful just casually wanting to become one—one has to be hungry for it, one has to want it bad enough. I’m living my dream life now because I immensely wanted this life.  I wanted the life that I have now very bad enough and I was blessed to chance upon a business that allows anyone to be the scriptwriter of their own life. And because of that I knew I had to take big, bold actions. Seeing what Nu Skin can do, I knew I shouldn’t put in half-baked half-hearted actions, I knew I have to give it my all.


My journey to Blue Diamond was not a straight path: there were ups, downs, rejections, friends who didn’t believe, I had to conquer my own goliaths along the way but it was incredibly worth it.



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