Erwin Agustin

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Erwin Martin Agustin

"If you have enough reason why you're doing something, you become UNSTOPPABLE."

Erwin Martin Agustin

I came from a less privileged family and grew up in a squatter’s area. Because of my strong desire to be successful, I decided to work in a famous fastfood chain as a service crew while studying Mechanical Engineering at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).

With my desire to earn extra income, during my vacant hours, I also worked as a student assistant at PLM’s Guidance Center. I even worked as an events’ waiter and tried pedicab driving with my brother. It was tough I should say but until now I am proud of the things I did.

After five years of working really hard, I realized one thing “MAHIRAP maging MAHIRAP” (It is difficult to be poor). But it didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming successful. I became more driven and pursued my college degree as Mechanical Engineer.

Right after my graduation I soon got my license and by God’s grace I was then immediately hired in one of the Biggest Food and Beverage Companies in the Philippines as a Plant Procurement staff and eventually as a Corporate Procurement Associate. I felt really blessed with my corporate life. I gained great experiences, received above average start-up compensation and met wonderful people and friends. I was confident that eventually I would be successful if I just continue doing what I was doing in the corporate world but I also knew that it may take a long time. So I was praying for opportunities to come my way to help speed up my success.

I received a call from Venus Lazo (my BD sponsor) and she was offering me a business project, she said that I was referred by one of my PE classmates, who was also the sister of my PLM Professor. I met Venus’ husband Perci Lazo during the Nu Skin Business launch at Alabang, they were Lapis Executives then. I was very excited after the event but I had doubts if I could be successful in a business that is completely out of my comfort zone and with products that didn’t even fit my looks and personality. I was about to take a backseat but then I realized, if its part time and there are trainings I could attend to learn how the business works and I would have group support, I told myself “If I won’t try, I’ll never know.”

My first few months and years were emotionally exhausting. I was very excited with my Nu Skin Business but my parents, family, friends and colleagues became my biggest DREAM STEALERS. Some of them laughed at me, disheartened me, and some of the closest people in my life ridiculed me. I struggled with my work, finances, family and business all at the same time. I realized at some point that the journey to becoming successful is painful and brutal. But I never gave up. I refused to surrender my DREAMS without a fight. I went back to the Business Fundamentals of inviting-presenting- sponsoring-product usage and training, I took consistent action, I stopped complaining and blaming others, I became coachable and kept my faith even if I didn’t see results. I learned to be happy in spite of adversities and struggles. I just strongly believed that everything will turn out right in God’s perfect timing – and it did!

I’m blessed to be surrounded with highly motivated, trustworthy, family-oriented, generous and fun-loving people. This business is special because the only way you can become successful is if you focus your energy and strength on other peoples’ growth and success, in return your success will be a GIVEN! In this Nu Skin business, ordinary people like me, given enough time to learn, mature and be a leader, can experience an extraordinary life, have financial success and quality of life.

Looking back 8 years ago, I was just a kid dreaming of having a comfortable and happy life. I never thought that I would experience it at a very young age of 32. Me and my one and only love Kathleen Dacera-Agustin (an upcoming BD) experienced our dream wedding and travelled together to different places like Australia, Shanghai, Vietnam, Singapore, HK-Macau, Las Vegas, Hawaii , Utah and around the Philippines. We love to shop, watch movies and eat at different restaurants together.  I’m excited to bring our new born baby Zach when we travel the rest of the world.


Aside from the condo, cars, investments and financial blessings and the very comfortable life we have, this business allowed me to bless my family and relatives, honor my parents and make them proud. I’m able to make great significance to my friends and community. Now, I can spend so much quality time with my family, no need to rush every morning and worry about bills and expenses.

Every day is a Celebration of Life and I love it!

It was just a dream before. For Non-believers, let me tell you, in Nu Skin Business


I love what was said in the film WE BOUGHT ZOO—“If you have enough reason why you’re doing something, you become UNSTOPPABLE.”

I had more than enough reasons: I have a family I absolutely love and I want to live the best possible life with them and I want to live a life of significance.

Continue dreaming, take consistent action, appreciate the principle of Delayed Gratification, trust and surrender yourself to the Lord.

Nu Skin Business is not easy, nor comfortable. But trust me, it’s all worth it!

God Bless us all!

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or email us at


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