Joel Lopez

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Dr. Joel Lopez was born into a family of medical doctors. He naturally went into the medical profession after high school. He took pre-med in Medical Technology and eventually entered medical school at Far Eastern University, where he was part of the Dean's List.


After graduation, Dr. Joel decided to go for further training abroad. He took the US Medical licensure exam and eventually moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA, where he trained in Internal Medicine at the Mercy Hospital and Medical Center. Early during his training, he made a few realizations. One of them was that allopathic medicine wasn't his passion.


He shares that they were assigned to see eight to ten outpatients for a couple of hours and that there was no way he could spend 10-15 minutes per client and expect to fully help them. He started feeling overworked with shifts lasting for 36 hours every few. There was no way he can actually aid people when they themselves didn't get enough sleep. With those kind of conditions, he began thinking outside the box. He believed that there were other ways to comfort people other than giving them medications.


In 2010, he went home and attended his brother's wedding. He fell in love again with the Philippines, after being gone for almost 20 years. It was then that he decided that he wanted a dual practice, in the United States and in the Philippines. He initially traveled between San Francisco and Manila every 3 months until 2013, when he took the plunge and decided to relocate to the Philippines. It was difficult at first since he basically had to start from scratch. In his integrative medical practice, it was tough for him to access pharmaceutical grade supplements, in spite of the presence of commercial health food stores.


One day he met his friend and future mentor in Nu Skin who casually mentioned about Pharmanex supplements and immediately gave him clinical studies on the products. He recommended Dr. Joel to try ageLOC R2. After studying all the clinical studies about Pharmanex, Dr. Joel was convinced of the outstanding quality of the products and the rest was history.

A certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Joel began using Pharmanex products for validation. He's the type of doctor that would only recommend products after using it himself. He is assured in using the Nu Skin products himself and has recommended it to his family and clients locally and abroad. The business part of it is just a bonus but he feels that he's able to help a lot more people through Nu Skin's business model.


For Dr Joel, he believes that where God guides, he provides. He has seen it all throughout his life.


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