JP & Cielo Villegas

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JP & Cielo Villegas

“My mentors assured me that if I stick it out in the business, I could have both the TIME and FINANCIAL freedom that I’ve always wanted." 

JP and Cielo Villegas

Graduating with a degree in Occupational Therapy, it was inevitable for JP Villegas to move to the United States and pursue his career there. But JP knew deep within him that even if he moved to a foreign land and just be an employee, it would not be different from how it would be if he was in the Philippines. Even as his friend and mentor Gen Woo introduced the Nu Skin business opportunity, JP still had second thoughts.

“Either I leave the country to get a starting pay check of $ 7,000 per month, or stay in the Philippines and make about P25,000 per month doing face-lifts,” JP says. “It was a tough decision but my mentors assured me that if I stick with the business, I could have both the time and financial freedom that I’ve always wanted. It was just a matter of time.”

Looking back to his growing up years, JP recalls the painful time when he had a speaking difficulty. Back in grade school, he dealt with embarrassment as he was being constantly teased by his classmates. His daily prayer was not to be humiliated. That period became a hindrance as it led him to doubt himself, his family, and even God. His condition frustrated him as he felt limited to getting a desk job or a career that did not require him to talk.

JP’s family did not give up on him. With faith that he would later find his life’s purpose, JP’s family continued to back him up. With their prayer that he would be able to speak normally one day, the Nu Skin opportunity came to him.

Through Nu Skin, JP became more confident and began to speak and communicate more effectively. His disability became his greatest asset as he pursued the business and this confidence led him to become one of the Nu Skin business leaders in the Visayas.

JP’s next prayer was to settle down. It was not long after that when he met Cielo, who was one of the distributors in his organization. In Cielo, JP found his # 1 supporter and cheerleader. He did not only find a partner in pursuing the business, he also found his partner in life, an answered prayer.

Through Nu Skin, JP and Cielo were able to have a grand wedding they dreamt of. He was also able to send his cousins to college. Aside from this, he was also able to purchase an SUV for his parents, buy a new one for themselves, and travel to several countries as if on extended honeymoons. But for JP, these are but just the icing on the cake. He says, “Nothing brings greater joy than to be with your family when it counts the most and to do the things that you really enjoy.”

JP and Cielo remain grateful for the blessings they now have. “We can’t stop thanking the Lord for this wonderful opportunity. We have the greatest vehicle that allows us to do the wonderful things that God has intended for us to do.”

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