Dennis & Angie Ong

Dennis & Angie Ong



"Passion for the business you want to get into is important."


Of course, the right part-time business for you may also depend on your priorities. For those who want to have more time for themselves and their families, a good option may be a business that offers leveraged income long after you have stopped working.


This was the option taken by Dennis & Angie Ong, who does direct selling and network marketing for Nu Skin Enterprises, a health and skincare company. Before taking that option, he was already doing a successful business retailing and wholesaling computers, game consoles, and gadgets. But he and his wife Angie realized that the business left them very little time for themselves. "In a traditional business like mine, I sometimes had to work for more than 12 hours," Ong relates. "You're at the beck and call of your customers, who are actually your boss."


Today, money and time are no longer a concern for the Ong couple. By doing the Nu Skin business part-time, they have built a wide network of distributors and customers in the Philippines and around the globe - one that generates a substantial leverage income for them.




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