Sixteen Ramos

Sixteen Ramos



"Success is a must"


Sixteen Ramos started Nu Skin as a part-time business in 2011. She was fresh out of college and was working for a famous chiropractor in Forbes Park. Right after seeing the big potential for life-changing income with Nu Skin’s 30-year track record and impressive product portfolio to boot, she started working on building her business straight away. Sixteen’s initial goal was to equal the income from her job so that she could work on Nu Skin full-time and have the freedom that she’s always wanted.


Sixteen started for free and she used “text marketing” to sell her first product. Starting the business with zero barriers has always been the core of her business. Despite her easy start, her first four years were a struggle: daily inviting, daily presentations, constant rejection, very few sign-ups. Sixteen failed her Executive qualification twice, lost her teams, and had to pass her LOI a total 3x. Despite the struggle, Sixteen never thought of quitting. To her, the alternative was being an employee again and she could not go back to that. Success was a must.


In 2015, Sixteen decided to focus on Nourish the Children. She was constantly doing feeding programs and helping Distributors earn a living through social responsibility. During this time, CEO Truman Hunt was searching Facebook for Nu Skin Leaders that were using social media to build their business. He came across Sixteen’s efforts and quickly identified her as a social media influencer. He told her that the future of Nu Skin was going to be focused on social selling and encouraged her to use her social media influence to bring in Distributors. Sixteen committed to signing up 300 business affiliates monthly, while Truman projected she would bring in 3,000 monthly.


At the October 2015 Global Convention, Truman announced that the company would now allow social media marketing. Sixteen had always wanted to go for social. This announcement opened the floodgates to her passion. She then quickly created her “Social Media Brand” on Facebook.  She identified her demographic: young and energetic millennials that were social media savvy. She spent many sleepless nights, working 12-18 hours a day creating her visuals, trainings, videos, online catalogues, and other collaterals. 


Sixteen officially started doing her Social Media Business in January 2016. On its first year, it was a constant work in progress. She was always discovering new ways to re-create her business. Any activity that was done offline, she had to find a way to do online. She brought in her 1st Batch of Sales Leaders and started to experience rapid success.


Along the way, Sixteen met her most important social media mentor, Monte Schumacher. With his help, Sixteen learned how to define her mission, refine her content, and form a 100% social media-based business model. Momentum kicked in shortly after, and by the end of 2016, her Social Media Business had a total of 18,000 business affiliates. On the same year, she also hit the 1 Million Peso milestone and achieved Pin Title Advancements to Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Executive. 


In the beginning of 2017, Sixteen reinforced massive recruiting on social media and she was recognized as a global influencer. Her hard work has earned her incentive trips to Dubai, Australia, Japan, and Monaco, as well as speaking engagements in the USA, France, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. Her Social Media Business closed the year at over 50,000 business affiliates.




*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or email us at