Pax & Gina Paculaba

Pax & Gina Paculaba

"Building a team is like building a family. We take care of each other, fight for each other, and most of all, help each other reach one another’s dreams."


Pax had a great track record in his corporate career while Gina was a junior architect for a prestigious firm in Makati. Pax worked very hard and was practically married to his job. It was a nervous breakdown which woke him up and reminded him why being a workaholic is not worth it. What he and Gina wanted was a happy family.


On top of it all, their passion for having a family and being able to spend an infinite amount of time with their kid were important to them.


Pax and Gina both met each other in the Nu Skin business. They absolutely had no background in the business, never sold anything in their lives before nor did they know how to make a profit. But they were clear and passionate about what they wanted. They too wanted to design the ideal family environment where both of them were present in raising their child and most of all have ample quality time for their marriage.


Today, they are enjoying a lot of time with Christian, their son. Christian’s education from preschool to college has already been taken care of. Since he loves books, they can give him all the books he wants and even have the time to read with him because they are in the Nu Skin business.


People often ask Pax and Gina what they did to get to where they are today. And every time, they would answer, “you have to know what you want, believe that you deserve it and work hard to get there”, Gina relates, “but when we give it more thought, we realized that we also have to discover what drives us and use it to move us forward, because very often the path towards achieving dreams is littered with obstacles that very often stop most people in their tracks”.


They were willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what they desired. They had the willingness to learn, to make mistakes, to change and be molded by their mentors and partners if that is what was necessary. They were willing to invest in themselves and in others, to share and be generous, to dive into the adventure of what the business brought them, to put others ahead of their own success, and to do whatever it takes to be successful. They were willing to do all these for their desire to achieve their dreams for their family.




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